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Skidmore College
Philosophy Department



Silvia Carli - Associate Professor of Philosophy
B.A., La Sapienza
University of Rome, Italy; Ph.D. Boston University
Teaching and Research Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy & Literature
Ladd Hall - Room 214

Larry Jorgensen - Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair
B.A., Columbia International University, Columbia, SC  
Ph. D., Yale University
Teaching and Research Interests Early Modern Philosophy, Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century European Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Ladd Hall - Room 217

William Lewis -  Associate Professor of Philosophy
B.A., Skidmore College; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
Teaching and Research Interests: Social/Political Philosophy, American Philosophy, Ethics
Ladd Hall - Room 216

Reginald Lilly - Professor of Philosophy
B.A., University of Vermont; M.A., Ph.D. , Duquesne University
Teaching and Research Interests: Contemporary European Philosophy, 19th Century European Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature, Music, and Art
Ladd Hall - Room 218

Peter Murray -  Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
B.A., UC San Diego; B.A. and M.A. UC Santa Cruz; Ph.D. University of Chicago
Teaching and Research Interests: Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Wittgenstein
Ladd Hall - Room 108