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Skidmore College
Psychology Department

Our Graduates

Where have our graduates gone?

After graduating with a degree in psychology, many of our majors go on to work. Others, however, pursue graduate school in psychology or related fields (either immediately after graduating, or after working for a couple of years). [If you are an alum who doesn't show up below, drop me a line to let me know what you're doing!] Here are some alums who have gone on to various graduate programs:


2011 Graduates

2010 Graduates

Carly Goldstein: Kent State University, PhD clinical

2009 Graduates

Beth Grinnell: SUNY Buffalo, school psychology

2008 Graduates

Drew Fidler: NYU, MSW
Aleena Hay: Yale, PhD clinical
Sarah Pociask: SUNY Stony Brook, PhD cognitive
Devin Zibulsky: Ohio University. PhD clinical

2007 Graduates

Ariana Bullock: SUNY Stony Brook, MSW
Jennifer French: Chicago School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Jessica Hochstadt: Columbia University, MSW
Carly Hughes: Harvard University School of Public Health, MS epidemiology
Danie King: University of California, Santa Barbara, PhD cognitive
Molly Lemire: Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Ed. S. School Psychology
Amy Paysnick: University of Vermont, PhD clinical
Jodi Rabinowitz: NYU, drama therapy
Amy Santo: NYU, clinical nutrition
Ariella Tanzer: Lesley University, MA expressive therapies and mental health counseling

2006 Graduates

Jeff Foy: SUNY Stony Brook, PhD cognitive
Krista Keeler: Simmons College, MSW
Jocelyn Levitan: University of California at Santa Barbara, PhD clinical
Anne Rhatigan: University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Amanda Russo: SUNY Albany, PhD clinical

2005 Graduates

Hartley Bramhall: CUNY Baruch, MS I/O
Morgan Casella : University of Delaware, PhD experimental
Kate Driver: University of Southern Maine, MS counseling
Emily Gentes: University of Pennsylvania, PhD clinical
Cassidy Gutner: Boston University, PhD clinical
Ali Infield: Loyola College (MD), PsyD
Yael Katz: Lesley University, art therapy
Erin Mulrane: NYU, MA
Hillary Nammack: Columbia University, MSW
LJ Negro: University of South Carolina at Columbia, MSW
Chris Twombly: Argosy University, Ga., MA clinical
Kristie Weibust : UVM, PhD social
Kevin Wozniak: American University, PhD justice, law, & society

2004 Graduates

Adam Arsenault: Pacific University, MA
Gabe Diaz: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, PhD cognitive science
Kate Fichthorn: University of Virginia, Curry School of Education
Noa Glick: Nova Southeastern, PsyD
Marta Krajniak: Fairleigh Dickinson University, PhD clinical
Kristen Lommele: Boston College School of Law
Talia Mittman: Loyola, MSW
Julie Shulman: Chicago School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Jessica Simon: Georgetown University, lifespan cognitive neuroscience
Sarah Thompson: Purdue University, PhD cognitive
Sarah Wehr: University of British Columbia, educational and counseling psychology
Nyssa Wittliff: GWU, PsyD clinical

2003 Graduates

Catherine Bookhout: Wake Forest University, MA
Kevin DeSimone: NYU, PhD NS
Alison Flowers: Chicago School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Meaghan Geary: Brandeis University, MA
Jen Gross: MGH Institute of Health Professions, nurse practitioner
Abby Janco: Columbia University, MSW
Shonda Lackey: St. John's University, PhD clinical
Susan Levin: Illinois School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Maren Levine: Columbia University, MSW
Joanna Nathan: NYU, MSW
Colin Northup: Lesley University, music therapy
Karl Schweitzer: George Washington Law School
Ben Tabak: University of Miami, PhD clinical
Mirka Vomela: George Mason University, human factors and applied cognition

2002 Graduates

Mary Bates: Brown University, PhD
Chris Clarke:Suffolk University Law School
Katie Gifford: Florida Institute of Technology, PsyD
Eileen Klein: University of California, Santa Barbara, PhD clinical
Sarah Meshberg Cohen: VCU, clinical/behavioral medicine
Crystal Meyer: Pennsylvania State University, communication disorders
Jason Oppenheim: George Washington University, PsyD clinical
Maris Prichett: Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, PsyD
Susan Smith: Drexel University, PhD clinical
Martin Voshell: Ohio State University, PhD cognitive systems engineering

2001 Graduates

Amanda Barnett-Rhodes: University of Vermont, PhD
Joshua Hart: University of California, Davis, PhD [now faculty at Union College]
Sara Hougen: University of Rochester, MD
Elizabeth Mitchell: Rosalind Franklin University, neuropsychology
Norah Mallam: Buffalo Law School
Tanner House: Nova University, PsyD

2000 Graduates

Andrew Barnes: Yeshiva University, clinical/health PhD
Antonia Batalias: George Washington University, PsyD
Meghan Dyer: University of Massachusetts, Boston, MEd
Becca Freedman: American University Law School
Esther Goldschlager: George Washington University, PsyD
Damion Grasso: University of Delaware, clinical
Sarah Hart: University of Indiana, M.S. special education
Niki Michaelson: Cornell University Medical School, MD
Katherine Michos, Widener University, PsyD
Melissa Prince: Johns Hopkins University, Accelerated Nurse-Practitioner Program
Jessica Rodriguez: Queens College, MA
Bhakta Selkowitz: Simmons College, MSW
Angela Sherman: Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, clinical
Mimi Valderrama: NYU, MSW
Jennifer Wilder: Columbia University, MSW

1999 Graduates

Lance Brown: University of North Carolina, experimental
Elisabeth Friedland: Bank Street College of Education
Neda Hajizadeh: Fordham University, counseling
Benjamin Miller: University of Missouri, journalism
Brooke Miller: Northwestern University
Jennie Rothschild: Loyola University, MEd in curriculum and instruction

1998 Graduates

Molly Barkan: Columbia School of Social Work
Robert Benjamin: St. John's University Law School
Karen Chin: Hofstra University, clinical
Stephanie Ehrman: Fordham University, clinical
Margaret Gavian: University of Minnesota, counseling (PhD 2011)
Felicia Gould: Finch University/Chicago Medical School, clinical/neuropsychology
Emma Gregory: George Mason University, I/O psychology
Michelle Harriman: California School of Professional Psychology, clinical
Scott Hayes: University of Arizona, clinical neuropsychology (PhD 2006) [Now faculty at Boston University School of Medicine]
Heidi Johnson: St. Michael's, MA clinical
Andrea Konig: VCU, clinical/behavioral medicine (PhD 2011)
Barbara Morton: Suffolk Law School
Kamila O'Neill: University of Missouri, clinical psychology (PhD 2008)
Karen Passalaqua: The College of St. Rose, school psychology
Marianna Politzer: Fordham University School of Law
Alana Reed: Columbia University, MSW
Kavitha Unni: California School of Professional Psychology, clinical
Wanda Vargas: Hofstra University, clinical

1997 Graduates

Jocelyn Barbier: George Washington University, PsyD clinical
Kim Cormier: University of Massachusetts, School of Psychology
Lisa Korenman: American University, cognitive psychology (PhD 2004)
Emily Leckman Westin : Columbia University, public health (PhD 2004)
Nicole Lipkin: Widener University, clinical psychology
Libby Liu: Simmons College, library science
Megan McGilloway Almond: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, school psychology
Amy Natale: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, school psychology
Shana Pallotta: University of Michigan, cognitive psychology
Eric Prensky: Texas Tech, clinical (PhD 2005) [Now faculty at University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Cognitive Medicine]
Susan Rivers: Yale University, personality
Jessica Smith: Boston College, counseling psychology
Jennifer (Toran) Sargent: Georgetown University, public policy

1996 Graduates

Molly Belisle Gould : University of Vermont, counseling psychology
Bree Birnbaum: Baruch University, industrial psychology
Katherine DeVito: Bank Street College of Education, early childhood and elementary education
Sue Gordon: Simmons University, social work
Kerri Johnson: Pepperdine University, clinical psychology
Dinha Kaplan: Hunter College School of Social Work
Lisbeth Klau: Emory University, public health
Jessica Ley: Pacific University, PsyD
Amy Manning: Yale University, cognitive psychology
Andy Martens: University of Arizona, social (PhD 2005) [Now faculty at University of Canterbury, NZ]
Sarah Smith: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, clinical psychology

1995 Graduates

Jen Benger: Nova University, clinical psychology
Cheryl-Lynn Forster: Pacific University, clinical psychology
Sybil Harcourt: Boston University, public health
Michele Kasoff: Penn State University, clinical psychology
Kathryn Kimer: University of Oregon, school psychology
Amanda Schweder Guyer: Yale University, developmental [Now faculty at UC Davis]
Mary Serphos: Smith School for Social Work
Sarah Spagnola: University of Pennsylvania, MSW program
Jessica Shepley: Antioch New England, clinical
Jeremy Sullivan: Chicago Professional School, clinical psychology
Peggy Vermont: Nova University, clinical psychology
Kimberley Wornian: Connecticut College, clinical/counseling psychology

1994 Graduates

Jamie Arndt: University of Arizona, social psychology [Now faculty at University of Missouri]
Cory Bridwell: University of Hartford, clinical psychology
Darcy Burgund: University of Minnesota, cognitive psychology (PhD 2000) [Now faculty at Macalaster College]
Laura Finkelson: Yeshiva University, school psychology
Liz Liebeskind: New York University, MSW
Rachel Mann: University of West Virginia, clinical psychology
Seth Meyers: Southern Methodist University, clinical psychology
Anna Nelson: Indiana University, social psychology
Victoria Quinlan: American International College, clinical psychology
Warren Schwartz: Illinois School of Professional Psychology, clinical psychology
Marcie Wartel Handler: Lehigh University, school psychology
Sara Weiden: Nova University, clinical psychology
Danielle Weiss: Nova University, clinical psychology

1993 Graduates

Andrea Bastiani Archibald: Columbia University, clinical/developmental
Shane Diekman: UNC, Public Health
Deidre Passarello: University of Connecticut, school psychology
Jennifer Pittman: Pennsylvania State University, statistics [Now faculty at Duke University]
Janine Przybylinski Buckner : Emory University, cognition/development (PhD 2000) [Now faculty at Seton Hall University]
Jennifer Przybylinski Peluso: Emory University, cognition/development [Now faculty at Florida Atlantic University]
Lauren Rosen: Illinois School of Professional Psychology, clinical psychology
Rachel Rowe: Boston College, special education
Kelly Silberg: C. W. Post, Long Island University, clinical psychology
Susan Travis: Columbia University, MSW
Joelle VanLent-Palmer: Indiana University, clinical PsyD

1992 Graduates

Julie Alhart: Columbia University, counseling psychology
Allison Armstrong: Smith College, MSW
Amy Benatovich: New York University, general psychology
Christina Burns: University of Hartford, school psychology
Sarah Finkleberg: SUNY Albany, counseling psychology
Robin C. Martin: SUNY Albany, educational psychology and statistics
Tracy Meyers: Florida Institute of Technology, clinical psychology
Brandy O'Neil: University of Pennsylvania, anthropology

1991 Graduates

Mark Anderson: Hofstra University, school and clinical psychology
Deborah M. Berman: Adelphi University
Michael Breus: University of Georgia, clinical psychology
Audra Cerruto: Columbia University Teachers College, school psychology (specialty in deaf education)
Missy DeFiore Warner: University of Denver, MSW
Julie E. Emmerman: Illinois School of Professional Psychology, clinical psychology
Samara Goodman: George Washington University, early childhood special education
Jennifer Gordon: New York University, MSW
Braden Josephson: Hofstra University, clinical psychology
Jessica S. Levine: Russel Sage College, Education, special education
Sara McEldowney: University of Connecticut, behavioral neuroscience
Christina M. O'Connell: Virginia Tech, developmental psychology
Carmela Passalaqua: University of Connecticut, school psychology
Elizabeth B. Perry: Rochester Institute of Technology, school psychology
Wendy Rice: Yeshiva University, school psychology
Allison Staton: Harvard University, public health

1990 Graduates

Kaarin Anderson Ryan: SUNY-Stony Brook, clinical psychology
Lynn Ashby: University of Buffalo, college counseling and student personnel
Hilary Berliner: New York University, early childhood and elementary education
Susannah Blass: Boston University, School of Education, educational counseling
Melissa Burkard: University of Michigan, MSW
Susan H Butler: Boston University, counseling psychology
Jennifer Culley: Columbia University School of Social Work
Robin A. Foley: Rochester Institute of Technology, applied and mathematical statistics
Elizabeth Haber: Colorado State University, occupational therapy
Brett Levine: Hofstra University, special education
Jeanine Miller: Vanderbilt University, clinical psychology (PhD 1998)
Lesley Nagle: California School of Professional Psychology, clinical
Kim Ann Nicol: University of Connecticut, human development and family relations
Sheridan Panzer: Long Island University, C. W. Post, community mental health counseling
Sarah C. Slayton: Maryhurst College, art therapy
Kristen R. Smith: Lesley College, early childhood special education
Amy J. (Cahill) Wildman: Geneva College, counseling psychology
Jill T. Yohalem Joroff : Boston University, school counseling and elementary education
Heather Young Griffioen: Royal University of the Netherlands, Leiden, social psychology [Now at TNO Netherlands]