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Quantitative Reasoning

QR Placement Diagnostic

The QR Placement Diagnostic is now available. Please complete before speaking with your summer advisor and ahead of registering for classes. It can take up to 5 business days for your placement to be processed. Please see below for additional information about taking the QR Placement Diagnostic. Direct link:

Information Regarding TAKING the QR Placement Diagnostic

Time: You will have unlimited time to complete this placement diagnostic. However, once you have begun the program, you cannot stop or exit. You thus should select a comfortable place to work. You can take a few minutes to use the restroom but keep the Placement Diagnostic open.

Placement Diagnostic Logistics: Please be sure to enable JavaScript for the Quantitative Reasoning Placement Diagnostic. If you need help in enabling JavaScript please go to this URL:

Do not skip any questions.

If you click on a mathematical formula or expression, an enlarged view of the formula or expression will pop out. If you need to enlarge the text overall, please use the zoom features in your browser.

Resources you can use: You are allowed to use a calculator and scratch paper.

No outside help: In keeping with Skidmore College’s Honor Code, we expect that you will not have outside help, which could consist of, but is not limited to, consulting or working with another person, using printed materials, or searching the web.

Quantitative Reasoning Placement: After submitting your answers, you will hear back from the College about your QR placement within five business days via an e-mail sent to your Skidmore account.

Additional Information QR Placement Diagnostic

Troubleshooting QR Placement Diagnostic