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Skidmore College
Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL)

Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)

gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

The Agilent 7890 GC system with 5975C MSD is ideal for analysis of small molecules in the gas phase or volatile organic solvents. Compounds in the sample are separated as they pass through the gas chromatography column.  As each compound reaches the detector, it produces a mass spectrum, by which it can be identified. 


  • Auto-sampler injection for organic solutions
  • Manual injection for headspace and other gaseous samples
  • NIST database of mass spectra for identification of unknown compounds
  • HP-1MS UI column, other columns available

Recent applications

  • Qualitative analysis of chemical synthesis products
  • Detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cosmetics
  • Determination of carbon content in digested organic material
  • Organic and analytical chemistry courses


GC-MS Standard Operating Procedure