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Skidmore College

Studies and exchange 2013

Diversity in the Curriculum:
Literary Perspectives

By taking a look at multicultural literature, we examine more closely at the quality of cultural content. When students immerse themselves into multicultural literature, they become more motivated to read and have a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own culture and the culture of others. Multicultural literature can be focused on cultural diversity, religious diversity, or other diverse perspectives—or a combination of any of these. We can connect multicultural literature across the curriculum by providing “examples of how critical thinking in a diverse society leads to a deeper understanding and knowledge of cultures, religions, or perspectives and, in turn, leads to reflective decision making.(Johnson, The Joy of Literature, 2012, p. 331).

Cultural diversity examples: African American, Latino/Latina, Asian American, Native American

Religious diversity examples: Native American spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam

Other diverse perspectives: Age, gender identity/expression, language, social class, family structure




(This text will need to be changed to something provided by the committee to reflect Skidmore's views.)