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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


November 4, 2005
Gannett Auditorium




I.  Approval of Minutes - October 7, 2005

II.  Vice President for Academic Affairs Report – Charles M. Joseph

      A. Dean of Faculty Report – Muriel Poston
      B. Dean of Special Programs Report – Paula Newberg

III. Old Business

IV.  New Business

      A. FEC – Faculty Handbook Motion – Gove Effinger

V. Reports

A. CEPP - Matthew Hockenos

1. Dean of Studies Restructuring Evaluation
2. Writing Task Force

B. Fulbright Fellowship Program – Matthew Hockenos      

C. Comprehensive Campaign Update – Michael Casey, Vice President for  Advancement

D. Middle States Report - Sarah Goodwin, Associate Dean of the Faculty

VI. Other

VII.  Announcements

A. Dean Paula Newberg - Reception – Dana Atrium – sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Special Programs