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Skidmore College
Digital Measures


In 2017, as part of an initiative of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Skidmore College began using a web-based activity reporting system called Digital Measures.

Digital Measures is designed to help faculty organize, track and report on their accomplishments in teaching, scholarship/research and creative works and service. The system can help prepare materials for departmental reviews, identify cross-disciplinary partnerships among faculty and directing funding opportunities and demonstrating institutional capacity in grant applications. Many Skidmore faculty are also actively involved in engaging students in a variety of exciting and meaningful ways. It is increasingly important for faculty to document this important work so that it is appropriately acknowledged in annual activity reports, tenure and promotion documents, and external reports to various constituencies and accrediting bodies. 

Digital Measures provides a range of reporting services to faculty, department chairs and program directors and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, and will be Skidmore's new system for generating the Individual Faculty Annual Summary of Activities Report due on June 30 of each year.

Logging into Digital Measures

Click here for instructions on logging into Digital Measures.

Required Fields For Annual Summary of Activities Report

Please refer to the Required Fields for Annual Summary of Activities Report when working on your Annual Summary Report. This PDF provides a screen-by-screen breakdown to show which data fields should be completed if they are applicable to you and you want the information included in your Annual Summary Report. 


If you have questions about Digital Measures, please send an email to