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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


April 24, 2009
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - April 3, 2009

II. President's Report - Philip A. Glotzbach

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs' Report - Susan Kress

I. Dean of the Faculty - Muriel Poston

II. Retirements
Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure, Resolution - Regina Janes
Recognition of Retirees

III. Faculty Development Committee, Ciancio Award Recipient - Kate Leavitt

IV. Old Business

I. Curriculum Committee, Motions - Ben Givan
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-Philosophy interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Political-Economy interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-French interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-German interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-Spanish interdepartmental major

II. Tenure Review Board, Motion - Penny Jolly
MOTION - Changes to the membership and procedures of the Tenure Review
Board in the Faculty Handbook

V. New Business

VI. Reports

VII. Other

VIII. Announcements

I. Skidmore Research Colloquium, Celebration of Faculty Excellence - Pushi Prasad
II. Academic Festival, Honors Forum - David Vella
III. Invitation to Community Reception, Tang Atrium - Muriel Poston