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Skidmore College

Inclement Weather Update

Due to current weather conditions, Skidmore College will suspend operations Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Residence halls and the dining hall will remain open for students on campus and those who are able to return to campus on Sunday. However, all other scheduled activities have been cancelled.

Essential staff should report as scheduled. Facilities Services will continue to work throughout the storm. Read more at

International Affairs

Student Projects

Ellie Nichols, Class of 2014

During the spring of 2013 I did an internship at Art + Commerce. Through this hands-on experience, I learned a lot about how a successful business operates and how to interact with managers, clients, and co-workers. My work was with the production side of Art + Commerce. As an intern, I was able to go on location and scout for upcoming shoots, as well as assist on the photo shoots. In addition, I helped in-office management with tasks like billing, hospitality work for clients (i.e. booking hotels, arranging flights), and spreadsheet work. I also assisted the on-site casting director by photographing models for castings and composing InDesign and PhotoShop images for clients. Each day pulled on my knowledge of international business because each client was from a different country, which required that I know the etiquette of each respective country. In addition, I had to translate documents from Italian to English and later into French. The fashion industry is a huge player in the international community, and I am happy I was able to experience this first hand.  

Ellie Nichols      Ellie Nichols