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International Affairs Program

Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities

Study Abroad

Students Abroad 2013

Students are strongly encouraged to consider the benefits of studying abroad for one semester, an academic year, or a summer through a variety of Skidmore and other programs. The benefits of living in another culture, using a foreign tongue outside the English-speaking countries, and taking coursework in a foreign university setting are considered vital elements of an international education. Students should speak to their International Affairs faculty advisor for more information, visit the collection of study abroad program materials located in the Off-Campus Study & Exchanges in the first floor of Starbuck or search online at


Interning in an international affairs-oriented professional office at the local, regional, national, or international level is strongly recommended for students in the international affairs program as a very valuable learning experience. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in practical terms and take that practical knowledge back into the classroom in order to achieve a more rounded understanding of international issues and problems. Internships also offer students a springboard to careers or further education in international affairs and provide an important pre-professional dimension to their undergraduate study.

Students may intern in the United States or abroad, during the academic year or summer, through existing accredited programs or through independent initiative, and with or without academic credit. Recent Business majors have interned in international advertising and electronics firms and in business and economics research groups. Recent Government majors have interned in congressional and federal offices, embassies, research think tanks, and nongovernmental international organizations. A sample of internships abroad and in the US is listed below.

International Affairs advisors in the six participating departments are available to guide students interested in internships. Students seeking advising/counseling related to internships should contact the Director or the Associate Director, Career Development Center (Starbuck Center furst floor, ext. 5790). Students interested in earning academic credit for internships should contact the Academic Advising Office (ext. 5720).

  • Presidential Internship Program, the American University in Cairo
  • International Studies Abroad: If you’re a student who hopes to find a valuable internship experience this summer, an ISA internship could be a perfect fit for you. International Studies Abroad offers the opportunity to spend your summer on a business or marketing internship in Australia, Chile, China, England, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, or Spain, and possibly earn some academic credits in the process. Immerse yourself in a new culture and explore a new part of the world, all while exploring yourself and your career interests. This is an amazing chance to get a taste of your future career, as well as gather important work experience and hone skills to build your resume.

    A summer internship with ISA is more than just a random placement, but they understand that each student is unique and customize their placement based on their specific goals, creating a complete Global Career-Building Experience. Aside from personalized placement based off career goals, ISA offers onsite support, academic credit, immigration visa support, travel planning, and much more. There are also many ways to help fund your program abroad, including ISA scholarships, grants from other organizations, and fundraising opportunities all offered on the ISA site.

    Application deadlines are March 2 for programs starting in June, but know that Custom Date Internships are also available if a student missed the deadline. Those who choose the latter decide which date works best and must apply at least four months prior to their ideal start date. Aside from business and marketing internships, ISA has opportunities available in all other fields of study, as well as group internship programs for institutions in the U.S. and Canada. This is a fantastic way to spend your summer, all while strengthening your resume and easing your future job search after graduation. Don’t wait!

International Internships

Domestic Internships

At the discretion of the IA student's home department, credit toward the minor for internationally related internships in the United States or abroad may be earned.