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Skidmore College
International Affairs Program

Student Clubs and International Affairs

Participation in on- and off-campus cocurricular activities enhances the students' international affairs education and offers opportunities to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world international problems and issues. Students are encouraged to work with SGA-sponsored organizations and clubs in conjunction with academic departments and programs to recruit, fund, and host guest speakers who bring to campus needed expertise in specialized areas of international relations.

African Heritage Awareness

The African Heritage Awareness Club intends to increase awareness of the African cultural practices and diaspora by sharing knowledge among the Skidmore and Saratoga Springs community via discussions, events, talks, performances, workshops and focus weeks. More so, we hope to breach the underrepresentation of Africa in academics as well as sponsor African and Caribbean charities.

Their webpage link is:

Asian Cultural Awareness Club

Asian Cultural Awareness provides Skidmore College with an organization that extends itself to all students and faculty interested in learning about Asian cultures and identities. We commit to developing familiarity, understanding, and appreciation of Asian cultures within our school and extending beyond our school.

El Club Español

The goals of El Club Español are to promote the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through social gatherings, films, lectures, food, dance, and other activities. The Club will allow students to interact with others who share these common interests: practicing Spanish, sharing travel experiences, and learning about Hispanic cultures in a welcoming atmosphere.
El Club Español es una organización estudiantil dedicada a promover y celebrar la lengua y las diferentes culturas de los países hispanohablantes. Se le da una calorosa bienvenida a cualquiera que quisiera juntarse. Nosotros tenemos reuniones cada dos semanas en las cuales charlamos sólo en español y en que nos divertimos preparando comida, mirando películas en español (con subtítulos en inglés), jugando a juegos en español y muchas otras cosas.

Ofrecemos una variedad de oportunidades a estudiantes de todos los niveles de español.

Club Email (E-board):
Club Facebook:

Environmental Action Club

The Skidmore Environmental Action Club is a student-based group committed to sustainability initiatives on campus, in the community, nationally, and world-wide. Our goal is a 100% clean energy future, and an ecologically, socially, and economically just environment. To work towards this goal, the EAC focuses on four general themes - energy, transportation, waste, and food issues. We plan events, campaigns, projects and more around these issues to generate awareness and inspire change.

French Connection

Promote and celebrate French Culture by getting together to speak French, drink coffee, and eat French pastries and cuisine.


The purpose of this club is to explore and bring awareness regarding the diverse and common cultures, social trends, traditions and politics of Islamicated regions. These regions include the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. Hayat seeks to promote awareness and educate students on issues surrounding the indigenous customs of these locations. As such, this club includes the customs and faiths that reflect the complex cultural fabric of these regions including but not limited to Islam, Coptic Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

International Affairs Club

The International Affairs Club explores current international politics and issues. Many various activities and events are held throughout the year including speakers, debates, film screenings, and food tastings to list a few. One of the goals is to promote awareness and appreciation of the many different cultures and countries around the globe on Skidmore's campus. 

International Student Union

The International Student Union (ISU) is committed to being a support system for the international student community at Skidmore and increasing intercultural exchange and international awareness on campus.

MODEL European Union Club

Model EU helps students prepare for an annual intercollegiate simulation of the European Union called EuroSim. Skidmore Colllege will receive a country and represent it at the conference. Through this simulation, students learn valuable negotiating, research, and speaking skills, as well as get to deepen their understanding of diplomatic relations and international politics.

NihonGO! Japanese Language Club

To provide a comfortable and fun learning space for students who are studying Japanese and those who are interested in learning about Japanese culture. We also hold events to spread awareness and interest in Japanese culture.


The goal of Raices is primarily to act as a resource for the students of Latino backgrounds and secondarily to act as an agent to increase campus awareness on issues related to Latino culture, history, philosophy, people, and other facets. Events sponsored and/or organized by Raices primarily concern, but are not limited to, aspects of latino culture for their essence or their relation to other topics in which Raices chooses to pursue.


Ujima is the African/African-American/Caribbean-American cultural awareness club. We are designed to bring to the Skidmore College community a plethora of history, culture and celebrations concerning the Diasporas nations via intra- and intercollegiate events. All meetings and events are open to all who wish to participate.

United Nations Club

Model UN helps Skidmore students prepare for an annual intercollegiate simulation on the UN in which they are assigned a country to represent. Students get to learn about international politics and diplomatic relations through a hands-on experience. The club also holds events for the Skidmore Community to further educate them on the structure and purpose of the UN through workshops, forums, and fundraisers.