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Skidmore College
Institutional Policy and Planning Committee

Current Membership of IPPC

The President (Chair); the Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Vice President for Finance and Administration; the Vice President for Advancement; the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; the Dean of Student Affairs; the Dean of Special Programs; the Director of Institutional Research; the Chief Technology Officer; the Chair of the Campus Sustainability Committee; the Chair of the Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding; one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship (one to be designated to sit on IPPC each year); three faculty members elected for three-year terms, one of whom serves as Vice-Chair; the chair of CEPP; one representative from the administrative/professional staff; one representative from the support staff; the President of SGA; and the SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs.


Philip A. Glotzbach, President

Vice Chair

James Kennelly Department of Management and Business, Faculty Member

Members by Position

  • Crystal Moore, Interim Dean of the Faculty & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Michael West, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Sean Campbell, Collyer Vice President for Advancement
  • Mary Lou Bates, Vice President and Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Paul Calhoun, Dean of Special Programs
  • Cerri A. Banks, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Martin Mbugua, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
  • Joseph Stankovich, Director of Institutional Research
  • Bill Duffy, Chief Technology Officer
  • Greg Gerbi, Chair, Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)
  • Marta Brunner, Co-Chair, Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP), Spring 2018
  • Hèdi Jaouad, Co-Chair, Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding (CIGU)
  • Eric Morser, Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship (SRC)
  • Levi Rogers, Chair, Campus Sustainability Subcommittee (CSS)
  • Nicki Werner '18, SGA Executive Vice President
  • Kira Geary '18, SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Joshua C. Woodfork, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity


  • James Kennelly Department of Management and Business, Faculty Member
  • Kris Leggiero, Office of Leadership Activities, Non-Exempt Staff Member


  • Timothy Harper, Department of Management and Business, Faculty Member
  • Lisa Hobbs, Off-Campus Study & Exchanges Program, Exempt Staff Member


  • Grace Burton, Department of World Languages and Literatures, Faculty Member

Administrative Support for IPPC

  • Susan Koppi, President's Office