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Skidmore College

Inclement Weather Update

Due to current weather conditions, Skidmore College will suspend operations tomorrow, Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Residence halls and the dining hall will remain open for students on campus and those who are able to return to campus on Sunday. However, all other scheduled activities have been cancelled.

Essential staff should report as scheduled. Facilities Services will continue to work throughout the storm. Read more at




The Institutional Policy and Planning Committee (IPPC) guided the process of developing our Strategic Plan over the 2013–14, 2014–15 and 2015–16 academic years. A strategic plan not only provides guidance for decisionmaking, it also gives us a common vocabulary that helps to focus our collective attention on our most important institutional goals.

Read the condensed version of the Strategic Plan.

Read the full version of the Strategic Plan.

Read the Strategic Action Agendas for updates.

Goal i: Integrative Learning & Education
Inegrative Learning

The single largest academic initiative in Skidmore’s —To Develop Students’ Capacities to Create, Imagine, and Change the World, and to Enhance the Work of the Faculty as Teacher–scholars: We will invest in pedagogical and scholarly programs and educational strategies that develop the capacities of students and faculty members to achieve, model, and demonstrate excellence as scholarly, creative, and integrative learners.

Learn More
GOAL II: Access
To Ensure Access for All Our Students to an Extraordinary Educational Experience: Students will have full access to opportunities for educational excellence across all three phases of their Skidmore careers—at admission, as undergraduate learners, and in transitioning to their postcollege lives.Learn More
GOAL III: Well-being
To Strengthen the Inclusiveness, Health, and Well‐Being of Our Community: We will create new opportunities for developing the skills that will make Skidmore a more healthful, inclusive, and creative community.Learn More
GOAL IV: Sustainability
To Continue to Build a Sustainable Institutional Foundation for Excellence: Deploying the concept of sustainability, broadly understood, as an organizing principle, we will invest our time, energy, and funding in initiatives to ensure the College’s long‐term viability and success.Learn More