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Skidmore College
Institutional Policy and Planning Committee

Standing Subcommittees of IPPC


Subcommittee on Budget and Finance

Function: To review and discuss the operating and capital budgetary and financial plans of the College, in particular: (i) the annual budget parameters and their impact on the long-range budgetary forecast of the College, (ii) significant capital projects under consideration or implementation, (iii) the ongoing implementation of the Total Comprehensive Compensation Framework, (iv) significant new program initiatives, and (v) any other matters with a material financial impact on the College. To report on these matters to the IPPC at appropriate times during the budget and planning cycles.

Position Name Year
VP Finance and Admin. (Chair) Michael West N/A
Faculty, Vice Chair of IPPC Timothy Harper 2016
Faculty Rep from IPPC James Kennelly 2016
Member of President's Cabinet Beau Breslin N/A
Exempt member from IPPC Kathy Kinnin 2016
Non-Exempt member from IPPC Kris Leggiero 2018
SGA VP for Financial Affairs Julia Elstein '17 2016
Regular Guest Bill Duffy, Chief Technology Officer N/A



Subcommittee on Admissions and Financial Aid

Function: Disbanded by IPPC September 6, 2013. Replaced by Enrollment Management Group, with related items distributed to the Numbers Group or the Athletic Council (note that this group is no longer a subcommittee of IPPC).

Membership:  Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Director of Financial Aid, Member of Dean of Faculty Staff, Member of Dean of Student Affairs Staff, Faculty from IPPC, Faculty from FEC, Student #1: SGA Senator, and Student #2: SGA-appointed (WTS).



Campus Sustainability Subcommittee

Function: To research, review, recommend, and help support the implementation of sustainability policies and procedures in such areas as waste and recycling, academics, transportation, green building, food systems, climate and energy, landscape and ecosystem management, community, diversity and equity, and communication and assessment.This includes assisting in the coordination of sustainability strategic planning and its assessment and updates.The subcommittee may create working groups to assist with this process.Secondarily, to coordinate strategic event planning and collaborative efforts between departments around these topics.

Position Name Year
Chair, Sustainability Coordinator Levi Rogers  
Faculty Member #1 Michael Marx 2017
Faculty Member #2 Monica Raveret Richter 2017
AP/SS Rep. from Purchasing Carol Schnitzer  
AP/SS Rep. from Facilities Dan Rodecker  
Media Services (IT) Hunt Conard 2013
Environmental Studies Karen Kellogg (1-yr lv 2015-16)  
Community Service Programs
(Campus Life)
Michelle Hubbs  
Horse Show & Special Projects
Adele Einhorn  
Academic Affairs TBD  
Finance and Administration TBD  
Admissions and Financial Aid Julie DiRoma  
Chair from IPPC (appointed by President) Timothy Harper  
SGA Sustainability Senator, student rep TBD 2016
EAC student rep Gabi Mascarin 2018
SGA student rep TBD 2016



Subcommittee on Student Affairs

Function: To provide a forum for consideration of issues of special concern to students that do not clearly fall under the sole jurisdiction of the administration, the faculty, or the SGA, and to make recommendations on such issues to the IPPC.To advise the Dean of Student Affairs on matters of policy and to assist the Dean of Student Affairs in assuring a productive working relationship with the faculty, students, and other administrative units of the College; and to gather nominations and make recommendations to the IPPC for the annual President’s Awards.

Position Name Year
Interim Dean of Student Affairs (Co-chair) Gail Cummings-Danson N/A
President of SGA  (Co-chair) Matthew Walsh '13 N/A
Faculty #1 from IPPC Natalie Taylor 2013
Faculty #2 Leo Porter 2015
A/P Rep., appointed by President Robin Adams 2014
SS Rep., appointed by President Kim Andrew 2013
SGA, VP for Residential Affairs Jess Sonnenfeld '14 2013
Student #3, SGA Senator Talia Arnow '13 2013



Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding

Function: To provide recommendations and advice to the President and IPPC on policies, practices, and protocols regarding diversity and inclusion, intercultural and global understanding, intercultural literacy, issues of campus climate, and other related matters. In addition, CIGU actively collaborates with various constituents and departments on campus to inform and educate the community and to encourage and support activities that further the College's diversity and inclusion goals. (Please refer to the IPPC Operating Code for a full description of CIGU and its standing subcommittee, the Bias Response Group.)

Position Name Year
Faculty #1: Director of Academic Diversity Initiatives Kristie Ford N/A
Chair of the Bias Response Group (BRG),
a subcommittee of CIGU
Cerri A. Banks N/A
EEO and Workforce Diversity Representative Laura Goodwin N/A
Associate Dean of the Faculty Crystal D. Moore N/A
Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity Joshua C. Woodfork  N/A
Co-chair Cynthia Evans 2017
Non-exempt staff member Margo Theobald 2017
Student Diversity Programs, Co-chair Latisha Barnett N/A
Off-Campus Study and Exchanges Cori Filson N/A
Admissions Representative Dean Mendes N/A
Office of Opportunity Programs designee Kelli Johnson N/A
Faculty #2 TBD  
SGA VP for Inclusion and Outreach Ricky Rios '18 2016
Student rep Miracle Freckleton '20 2016



Bias Response Group Subcommittee

Function: Because of the significant overlap in membership of CIGU and the College's Bias Response Group, the BRG will function as a subcommittee of CIGU. The membership of the Bias Response Group and methods of appointment are set forth in the Bias Response Protocol. The President, in consultation with the Chair of CIGU, will appoint the Bias Response Group chair. CIGU will then be responsible for overseeing the work of the Bias Response Group and recommending changes as appropriate to the IPPC.

Position Name Year
SGA, VP of Diversity Affairs    
Student rep    


Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship

Function:To advise the President and work with appropriate groups and individuals involved with aspects of Goal III of the Strategic Plan, particularly its first point, "Foster pedagogical innovation relating to responsible citizenship; support campus initiatives that teach and exemplify this value."

Position Name Year
Faculty Director for Civic Engagement (Co-chair) TBD N/A
Anthropology, tenured Heather Hurst 2017
SGA VP for Academic Affairs Megan Schachter '17 2016
SGA representative and member of Benef-Action TBD 2016
Director of Community Service Programs Michelle Hubbs N/A
Sustainability Office representative Emily Davidson N/A
Student Academic Development Coordinator Marla Melito N/A



Subcommittee on Assessment

Function: To advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and other members of the IPPC on matters related to the assessment of student learning and development. The Assessment Subcommittee (AS) also will advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and other members of the IPPC on assessment of institutional goals as appropriate to each area of the College as they bear on student learning and development and on the fulfillment of standards for accreditation.In fulfilling this function, the AS will work to ensure that assessment plans are in place, are executed, and are consequential in all areas of the College. Collaborating closely with the Office of Institutional Research, the AS will act as a resource to both the IPPC and other bodies in the College engaged in strategic planning and data-informed decision-making.

Position Name Year
Faculty Assessment Coordinator (Co-chair) Sarah Goodwin N/A
Cabinet Liason (Co-chair) Beau Breslin N/A
Director of Institutional Research Joseph Stankovich N/A
Assessment Facilitator Lisa Christenson N/A
Associate Dean of the Faculty Corey Freeman Gallant N/A
Research Analyst-Enrollment Retention Student Achievement Sue Layden N/A
Chief Diversity Officer or designee Joshua C. Woodfork N/A
Director of Career Development Center Kim Crabbe N/A
Director of Alumni Affairs Michael Sposili N/A
Director Summer Academic Programs & Residencies Auden Thomas N/A
Faculty #1: Faculty Member of CEPP, serving as liaison April Bernard 2016
Faculty #2 Kelly Sheppard 2017
SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs Megan Schachter '17 2016
SGA Executive Vice President Orr Genish '16 2016