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Skidmore College
Institutional Policy and Planning Committee

Standing Subcommittees of IPPC

IPPC Subcommittee on Budget and Finance

Function: To review and discuss the operating and capital budgetary and financial plans of the College, in particular: (i) the annual budget parameters and their impact on the long-range budgetary forecast of the College, (ii) significant capital projects under consideration or implementation, (iii) the ongoing implementation of the Total Comprehensive Compensation Framework, (iv) significant new program initiatives, and (v) any other matters with a material financial impact on the College. To report on these matters to the IPPC at appropriate times during the budget and planning cycles.

Position Name Year
VP Finance and Administration (Chair) Donna Ng N/A
Faculty, Vice Chair of IPPC Joerg Bibow 2022
Faculty Member from IPPC Smriti Tiwari 2022
Member of President's Cabinet Michael Orr N/A
Exempt Member from IPPC Joseph Porter 2022
Non-Exempt Member from IPPC Lori Parks 2024
SGA VP for Financial Affairs TBD 2022



Campus Sustainability Subcommittee

Function: To research, review, recommend, and help support the implementation of sustainability policies and procedures in such areas as waste and recycling, academics, transportation, green building, food systems, climate and energy, landscape and ecosystem management, community, diversity and equity, and communication and assessment. This includes assisting in the coordination of sustainability strategic planning and its assessment and updates. The subcommittee may create working groups to assist with this process. Secondarily, to coordinate strategic event planning and collaborative efforts between departments around these topics.

Position Name Year
Director of Sustainability Programs and Assessment, (Chair) TBD N/A
Faculty Member Rik Scarce 2023
Sustainability Coordinator, Student Programming Jennifer Natyzak N/A
Director of Facilities Services (or designee) Dan Rodecker N/A
Director of Sustainability for Academic Affairs Mark Youndt N/A
Director of Purchasing Services (or designee) Carol Schnitzer N/A
Representative from Student Affairs Tory Atkins N/A
Representative from Admissions and Financial Aid Xavier McKinzie N/A
Representative from Advancement Arielle Fisher N/A
Student Representative, Environmental Action Club TBD 2022
Student Representative, Sustainability Commission TBD 2022



Subcommittee on Student Affairs

Function: To provide a forum for consideration of issues of special concern to students that do not clearly fall under the sole jurisdiction of the administration, the faculty, or the SGA, and to make recommendations on such issues to the IPPC. To advise the Dean of Student Affairs on matters of policy and to assist the Dean of Student Affairs in assuring a productive working relationship with the faculty, students, and other administrative units of the College; and to gather nominations and make recommendations to the IPPC for the annual President’s Awards.

Position Name Year
Dean of Students & VP for Student Affairs (Co-Chair) Adrian Bautista N/A
President of SGA  (Co-Chair) TBD 2022
Faculty Member #1 from IPPC Kurt Smemo 2022
Faculty Member #2 Catherine Hill 2023
Non-Exempt Staff Member Liz Tybush 2022
SGA VP for Student Life TBD 2022
SGA Senator TBD 2022



IPPC Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding (CIGU)

Function: To provide recommendations and advice to the President, Chief Diversity Officer, and IPPC on policies, practices, and protocols regarding diversity and inclusion, intercultural and global understanding, intercultural literacy, issues of campus climate, and other related matters. In addition, CIGU actively collaborates with various constituents and departments on campus to inform and educate the community and to encourage and support activities that further the College's diversity, inclusion, and equity goals. (Please refer to the IPPC Operating Code for a full description of CIGU and its standing subcommittee, the Bias Response Group.)

Position Name Year
Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Planning (Co-Chair) Joshua C. Woodfork N/A
Faculty Member #1 (Co-Chair) and sits on IPPC - College Librarian Marta Brunner 2022
Faculty Member #2 - Professor, Chemistry Aurelia Ball 2023
Director, Office of Student Diversity Programs Chris Barnes N/A
Interim Human Resources Director Sarah Vero N/A
Assistant Director of Employment, Compliance & Workforce Diversity Jude Klein N/A
Assistant Director for Benefits, Compliance and Wellness Laura Goodwin N/A
Assoc. Dean of the Faculty for Diversity and Faculty Affairs Janet Casey N/A
Professor, Sociology, Director, Center for Leadership, Teaching and Learning Kristie Ford N/A
Student Member - Student Government Association representative Iris Mann ’22 2022
Student Member - Student Government Association Vice President for Inclusion and Outreach Malchijah Hoskins ’22 2022
Director, Opportunity Program Kelli Johnson N/A
Director, Off-Campus Study & Exchanges Cori Filson N/A
Director, Financial Aid Beth Post N/A
Academic Administrative Assistant for the Black Studies Program and CLTL Jeanne Eddy N/A
Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs, Chair of the Bias Response Group Mariel Martin N/A



Bias Response Group (BRG)

Function: Because of the significant overlap in membership of CIGU and the College's Bias Response Group, the BRG will function as a subcommittee of CIGU. The membership of the Bias Response Group and methods of appointment are set forth in the Bias Response Protocol. The President, in consultation with the Chair of CIGU, will appoint the Bias Response Group chair. CIGU will then be responsible for overseeing the work of the Bias Response Group and recommending changes as appropriate to the IPPC.

Position Name Year
Chair, appointed by the President with CIGU Co-Chairs Adrian Bautista N/A
SGA VP for Inclusion and Outreach Melanie Nolan ’23 2021
Student Member TBD 2021
Assistant Director, Employment, Compliance, & Workforce Diversity Sarah Vero N/A
Director, Office of Student Diversity Programs Chris Barnes N/A
Associate Dean of the Faculty or other academic leadership Janet Casey N/A
Faculty Member, appointed by President with FEC TBD XXXX
One additional Student Affairs representative (at the level of Associate Dean or higher) TBD N/A



Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship (SRC)

Function: To advise the President and other College office and bodies as appropriate to refine objectives and develop initiatives that will teach and exemplify the values if informed, responsible citizenship. Among other things, SRC will serve as a resource to promote civic engagement collaborations between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs; and as a resource for faculty and departments to develop civic learning opportunities in the curriculum.  (Please refer to the IPPC Operating Code for a full description of SRC)

Position Name Year
Faculty Director for Civic Engagement (Co-Chair) Eric Morser N/A
Director of Community Service Programs (Co-Chair) Michelle Hubbs N/A
Faculty Member June Paul 2023
SGA Representative TBD 2022
SGA Representative TBD 2022
Student Academic Development Coordinator Marla Melito N/A
Representative from Sustainability Office Jennifer Natyzak N/A



IPPC Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness (SIE)

Function: To advise the President and other members of the IPPC on matters related to institutional effectiveness. The Subcommittee on Institutional Effectiveness (SIE) also will advise the President, and members of the IPPC on assessment of institutional goals as appropriate to each area of the College as they bear on student learning and development and on the fulfillment of standards for accreditation. In fulfilling this function, the SIE will work to ensure that assessment plans are in place, are executed, and are consequential in all areas of the College. The SIE will act as a resource to both the IPPC and all bodies in the College engaged in strategic planning and data-informed decision-making. 

Position Name Year
Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, Co-Chair, who sits on IPPC Amy Tweedy N/A
Faculty Director of Assessment Coordinator, Co-Chair Peter von Allmen N/A
Dean of the Faculty/VPAA or Associate Dean of the Faculty Michael Arnush N/A
Director of Institutional Research Joseph Stankovich N/A
Chief Diversity Officer or appropriate designee Joshua C. Woodfork N/A
Representative of Admissions and Financial Aid Catherine DeLorenzo N/A
Representative of Advancement Michael Sposili N/A
Representative of Communications and Marketing Amy Ballesteros N/A
Representative of Finance and Administration Jennifer Allen N/A
Representative of Student Affairs Jamin Totino N/A
Student Member TBD 2022



Subcommittee on Admissions and Financial Aid

Function: Disbanded by IPPC September 6, 2013. Replaced by Enrollment Management Group, with related items distributed to the Numbers Group or the Athletic Council (note that this group is no longer a subcommittee of IPPC).

Membership:  Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Director of Financial Aid, Member of Dean of Faculty Staff, Member of Dean of Student Affairs Staff, Faculty from IPPC, Faculty from FEC, Student #1: SGA Senator, and Student #2: SGA-appointed (WTS).