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Senate on SkidSync

As the primary legislative body in the Student Government Association, the Student Senate creates and recommends policies that relate to student life on campus, charters new clubs and organizations, authorizes the allocation of the Student Activity fee to clubs and other various student-run organizations, and appoints students to committees run by faculty and administrators. Senate meets every Tuesday from 8:00PM to 11:00PM in Ladd 307. Please feel free to drop by!

Chair & SGA President: Tayler Salvatore '18

Secretary: Melanie Aftandilian '20

Parliamentarian & SGA Executive Vice President: Nicki Werner '18



VP for Academic Affairs: Henry Jaffe '18 Senior President: Rachael Thomeer
VP for Financial Affairs: Kira Geary '18 Senior Senator: Hannah Zinker
VP for Student Life: Eli Bliss '20 Senior Senator: Patrick Cowan
VP for Club Affairs: Emily Walter '18 Senior Senator: Vacant
VP for Inclusion and Outreach: Emma Sturdevant '18 Senior Senator: Vacant
Northwoods Senator: Mike Barry '18 Junior President: Nigel Smith
Northwoods Senator: Vacant Junior Senator: Sarah Coker
Sussman Senator: Chloe Singer '18 Junior Senator: Vacant
Sussman Senator: Vacant Junior Senator: Vacant
Off-Campus Senator: David Robadkidze '20 Junior Senator: Vacant
Off-Campus Senator: Grace Seeley '20 Sophomore President: Robyn Pattison
Jonsson Tower Senator: Mark Bowling '21 Sophomore Senator: Zoe Pagliaro
Jonsson Tower Senator: Clare Smith '20 Sophomore Senator: Nick Greer
Wait Senator: Theo Morris '20 Sophomore Senator: Madison Collins
Howe-Rounds Senator: Candace Huntington '20 Sophomore Senator: Kinser Bonner
Kimball Senator: Vacant First-Year President: Jonah Amron
McClellan Senator: Vacant First-Year Senator: Owen O'Donnell
Penfield Senator: Jasper Ballot '20 First-Year Senator: Abdul Shokur
Wiecking Senator: Liza Bryan '21 First-Year Senator: Katherine Pompilio
Wilmarth Senator: Vacant First-Year Senator: Vacant

Interested in joining? See if there are any open spots!