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Inter-Class Council

Inter-Class Council on SkidSync

The Inter-Class Council (ICC) is the primary event-planning body of SGA. ICC is comosed of the class councils for each class year. We plan a variety of events including all-class weekends, traditional events, Senior Week, and Fun Day. ICC is chaired by the Senior Class President.

ICC Officers

  Senior Junior Sophomore First-Year
Class President Raymi Ramirez Mark Reyes Gianna Grillo Keilty Archibald
Vice President Vacant Myriam Dominguez-Perez Alexander Lewis Bailey Hunn
Finance Officer Jillian Conley Julia Drenga Valerie Vissar Finnian Sawitsky
Marketing Officer Shawn Sharifi Ha Yun Park Benjamin  Sepúlveda Brian Labra Vergara
Events Coordinator Rachel Sandor Nazifa Mahee Dafne Lucio Sanchez Raina Lalwani
Unity Officer Maria Shazadi Sophia Paulino Adames Erick Lopez Pereira Tita Tuchinda

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ICC Subcommittee on Fun Day

The Fun Day Committee exists as an ICC Subcommittee, reporting to the Senior classs president. The Fun Day committee is tasked with the successful planning of Fun Day for the last Saturday of the semester before study days (unless otherwise defined by the Office of Leadership Activities. The Fun Day Committe meets with Leadership Activities, Health Promotions, Campus Safety, Residential Life, and other relevant offices to coordinate a safe and fun Fun Day. 

Chair: Michelle Kelman