SGA Executive Committee

Dorothy Parsons SGA President

Luca Mobilia Executive Vice President

Henry Jaffe VP for Academic Affairs

Julia Elstein VP for Financial Affairs

Nicole Werner VP for Student Life

Kira Geary VP for Club Affairs

Ricky Rios VP Inclusion and Outreach

The Fall 2015 SGA Executive Committee. (Good times!)






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SGA Constitution and By-Laws!

Gender-Based & Sexual Misconduct Information


This Week in Senate!


Senate meets every Tuesday at 8pm in LADD 307.  All senates are open and we welcome the Skidmore Body to come join us and speak during our Open Forums (we have two opportunities for Open Forum, 1 in the beginning of senate and 1 after New Business has been exhausted).  
If you want to be included in Senate Business, please email Dorothy Parsons (Senate Chair) at least a week prior to the desired Senate (