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Skidmore College
Biology Department

David DomozychDavid Domozych

Professor of Biology in the Department of Biology
Director of the Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center

Dana Science Center, Office #343
Biology Department
Saratoga Springs, NY  12866
(518) 580-5075
(518) 580-5071 

Other Positions Held:

  • 2011, Visiting Scientist, National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • 1989-1990, Visiting Scientist, John Innes Institute, Norwich England.
  • 1997-1998, Visiting Professor, Section of Plant Biology, Cornell University.

Courses Taught at Skidmore:

  • Plant Biology (BI 237)
  • Biological Electron Microscopy (BI 311)
  • Plant Biochemistry and Physiology (BI 337)
  • Plant Biotechnology (BI 338)
  • Advanced Light Microscopy (BI 362)

Research Interests:

David Domozych is a plant cell biologist who studies the evolution of cell walls and their biosynthesis in plants. He is interested in the biochemistry and cell biology of cell wall components (esp. pectins) in the Charophycean Green Algae (CGA), the modern group of green algae whose ancestors are the basal stock from which land plants evolved. Dr. Domozych's primary research tools include light, confocal laser scanning and electron microscopy, various biochemical techniques and immunocytochemistry. His main subject of study is a new model organism, Penium margaritaceum, a unicellular desmid with cell polymers similar to those of higher plants. Currently, his research work is involved with answering questions like:

  • What is the distribution of cell wall polymers in Charophycean Green Algae and how did particular polymers like pectins evolve?
  • How do different wall polymers function in cell development? What are the interactions of wall polymers during cell expansion and division?
  • How are various wall polymers processed in the plant Golgi Apparatus, packaged in specific vesicle types and released to cytoplasmic streaming mechanism?
  • How do particular vesicles get to specific sites on the surface for selected release?
  • What are the signal transduction moleculaes that control cell wall secretory mechanisms?

Dr. Domozych's work has recently been sponsored by grants from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Molecular and Cell Biology Program, NSF Intergrated Organismal Systems and NSF Major Instrumentation Programs. Many students participate in his research program both during the academic year and summer.

Recent Publications:

Shinozaki, Y., Nichols, P., Fernandez-Pozo, N., Ma, Q., Evanich, D.J., Shi, Y., Xu, Y., Zheng, Y., Snyder, S.I., Martin, L.B.B., Ruiz-May, E., Thannhauser, T.W., Chen, K., Domozych, D.S., Catalá, C., Fei, Z., Mueller, L., Giovannoni, J.J. and Rose, J.K.C. (2018) High-resolution spatiotemporal transcriptome mapping of tomato fruit development and ripening. Nature Communications 9: 364.

Raimundo, S.C., Sørensen, I., Tinaz, B., Ritter, E., Rose, J.K.C., and Domozych, D.S. (2018) Protoplast isolation and manipulation of protoplasts from the unicellular green alga Penium margaritaceum. Plant MethodsIn Press. 2018

Martin, L.B.B., Romero, P., Fich, E.A., Domozych, D.S., and Rose, J.K.C. (2017) Cuticle Biosynthesis in Tomato Leaves is Developmentally Regulated by Abscisic Acid. Plant Physiology 174: 1384-1398.

Mravec, J., Kračun, S.K., Rydahl, M.G., Westereng, B., Pontiggia, D., De Lorenzo, G., Domozych, D. S. and Willats, W.G.T. (2017) An oligogalacturonide-derived molecular probe demonstrates the dynamics of calcium-mediated pectin complexation in cell walls of tip-growing structures. The Plant Journal  91: 534-546.

Mravec, J., Guo, X., Hansen, A.R., Schückel, J., Kračun, S.K., Mikkelsen, M.D., Mouille, G., Johansen, E., Ulvskov, P., Domozych, D.S., and Willats, W.G.T.  (2017) Pea Border Cell Maturation and Release Involve Complex Cell Wall Structural Dynamics. Plant Physiology 174: 1051-1066.

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Uluisik, S., Chapman, N.H., Smith, R., Poole, M., Adams, G., Gillis, R.B., Besong, T.M.D., Sheldon, J., Stiegelmeyer, S., Perez, L., Samsulrizal, N., Wang, D., Fisk, I.D., Yang, N., Baxter, C., Rickett, D., Fray, R., Blanco-Ulate, B., Powell, A.L.T., Harding, S.E., Craigon, J., Rose, J.K.C., Fich, E.A., Sun, L., Domozych, D.S., Fraser, P.D., Tucker, G.A., Grierson, D., and Seymour, G.B. (2016) Genetic improvement of tomato by targeted control of fruit softening. Nature Biotechnology 34: 950-952.

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Worden, N., Esteve, V., Domozych, D. S. and Drakakaki, G. (2015) Using Chemical Genomics to Study Cell Wall Formation and Cell Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana and Penium margaritaceum. In: Plant Cell Expansion. Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 1242 (ed. Estevez, J); Springer, New York, pp 23-39.

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Domozych, D. S. (2014) Penium margaritaceum: a unicellular model organism for studying plant cell wall architecture and dynamics" Plants 3: 543-558.

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Grants received:-Last 5 years

NSF MRI 1337280: Acquisition of a confocal laser scanning microscope for research in the life sciences at Skidmore College; 09/01/2013-08/31/2016; $478,730.00.

NSF MCB 1009978: The cell biology of pectin dynamics in the Charophycean Green Algae: Homogalacturonan secretion in the model organism, Penium margaritaceum; 02/10/2010-09/30/2012; $232,000.

NSF MRI 0922805: MRI: Acquisition of a Libra 120 transmission electron microscope for research enhancement at Skidmore College. 01/01/2010- 12/31/2013; $721,046.00.

NSF MRI 0959476: MRI-R2: From Molecules to Ecosystems: Establishment of the Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL); 01/01/2010- 12/31/2014; $557,755.00.

NSF IOS: 0848071: Evolution of the Land Plant Cell Wall: Functional Significance of Land Plant Polymers within the Charophycean Green Algae; 07/15/2009-07/01/2012; $131,000.

Research Collaborators from around the world:

Dr. Zoe Popper, National University of Ireland
Drs. Jocelyn Rose and Iben Sorensen, Cornell University
Dr. William Willats, University of Newcastle
Dr, Georgia Drakakaki, University of California at Davis
Dr. Mary Tierney, University of Vermont