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Skidmore College
Health Professions Advising
& Student Health Professions Network 

The mission of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is to identify, guide, and advise students who are preparing for careers in the health professions and to provide the health professional schools with candid evaluations of these students at their request. The HPAC website is a resource for students and alumni to explore various health professional careers, to help determine which courses to take and co-curiculars to participate in to prepare for their paths of interest, and to inform their timeline for applying to programs.


About Health Professionals Advisory Committee

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The Health Professionals Advisory Committee (HPAC) membership consists of faculty and staff from Biology, Chemistry, Career Development Center, EHS, HEOP, Health and Human Physiological Sciences, and OAA. Students after joining the Student Health Professionals Network are assigned an advisor from the committee. The HPAC advisor helps a student develop their pre-health interests and prepare for applying to programs. The HPAC advisor therefore encourages a student to explore career options to make informed decisions and to develop a reasonable timeline for applying and helps the student to think about what courses to take and co-curriculars to engage in.

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