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Skidmore College
Biology Department

Student Learning Goals

Graduating majors in Biology will:

  • Possess an integrated understanding of life across all levels of organization (from molecules to ecosystems) supported by a conceptual framework that includes: evolution; energy/matter transformation; information flow; structure/function relationships, and systems-level computational modeling.
  • Possess hands-on experience with a suite of contemporary lab and field-based techniques and technological innovations using on-site resources that serve to explore biological systems across multiple levels of organization.
  • Be proficient in posing testable hypotheses; in designing properly controlled experiments with appropriate methods, techniques and statistical analysis; in executing the work; and in accurate interpretation of the experimental results.
  • Have developed the skills to effectively communicate experimental results and the significance of those results to the scientific community and the general public- via written, visual and oral contributions to scientific journals, conferences, departmental seminars, and on-campus programs.
  • Have directly experienced the collaborative nature of science in the design, execution and reporting of research.
  • Have direct experience and training in the critical review of original biological research (scientific journal articles, research proposals, research seminars);
  • Be equipped to explore and articulate connections between biology and other disciplines within and beyond the natural sciences, in the spirit of the liberal arts tradition.