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Skidmore College
Biology Department

Student Research & Internship Opportunities

Summer Collaborative Research

Over the past decade, Skidmore College has sponsored a summer collaborative research program. This program has been sponsored by various private donors and the school itself. In this program, student-faculty teams design and implement a ten-week, full-time research project (usually running from late May to late July/early August). This intensive research project allows student and faculty to thoroughly delve into field and laboratory research. During the tenure of this program, students are provided with free room and board and a stipend of $1550. Research teams occasionally meet during the summer to discuss the status of their projects. Often the results of this program lead to publications and presentations.

The Summer Collaborative Research program is competitive. Applications for this program are available through the Dean of Faculty's Office and the Biology Department chairperson. They are usually due in mid-February. So be sure to investigate possible summer research projects with potential faculty mentors well before the application deadline.

2018 Summer Presentations Students, Faculty Advisor & Project Title

Emily O'Connor '19. Sylvia F. McDevitt, Associate Professor           

Copper Resistance as Survival Strategy of Bacterial Pathogens   


Liangyu Zhou, '19.  David Domozych, Professor

The Cellular "Post Office": Cell Wall Components Delivery Mechanism for Specific LOCI at the Cell Surface


Shannon Cassel '19; Tzu-Yi Lin '19. Sylvia McDevitt, Associate Professor

Understanding Copper Resistance in Enterobacter choacae