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Chemistry Department


Students taking chemistry courses have several opportunties to get help with chemistry.  You can, of course, also meet with your professors during their office hours or make an appointment to meet with them.

Drop-in Tutoring

Our popular chemistry courses have tutors available on weeknights whenever you have questions and want answers.  You do not need to make an appointment.  Just "drop in"!  Come with your own questions about homework, material discussed in lecture, or labs.   Here is the schedule for drop-in tutoring for all courses

Peer-Led Team Learning

Small teams of students in the introductory chemistry courses (CH115, CH125, and CH221) meet to practice chemistry problems where you learn to work together to figure things out.   Each team is led by a student who took the course previously.  These teams are formed at the beginning of each semester and then meet each week.   

Individual Peer Tutoring 

The Office of Student Academic Services can arrange a tutor to meet with you individually.