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Skidmore College
Department of Chemistry

Information for Students

Placement diagnostic for 100-level chemistry courses 
All students interested in taking chemistry are required to take the online placement diagnostic before they can register for a chemistry course.

Course descriptions and degree requirements from the Skidmore Course Catalog
Chemistry Course Descriptions
Chemistry Major requirements (includes biochemistry concentration)
Chemistry Minor requirements

Suggested course timelines for Chemistry majors, including the biochemistry concentration
What courses should you take each semester as a Chemistry major, or if you pursue the biochemistry concentration, or the American Chemical Society certification?  Click above to find out.

American Chemical Society certified degree information
The ACS certifies our Chemistry department and a degree you have the option to earn here.  Click above to find out how to meet ACS certification requirements.

Chemistry Departmental Honors
Students can earn departmental honors upon graduation by earning GPA at least 3.0 overall and 3.5 in the major, and as well complete two semesters of 300-level research or equivalent, submit an honors thesis, and deliver an oral presentation of their research to the Department.  

Study abroad opportunities and course timelines for Chemistry Majors
Chemistry majors can study abroad.  Click above to find out where and what courses to take when to prepare for a sememester abroad.

Chemistry Club
Chem Club meets provides space for students to organize social and professional activities for those intersted in chemistry.  Contact Molly Cole, President of Chem Club, for more information.

Department Student Representatives are  Jon Matthew Bile and Heather Ricker

Chemistry reference information
Chemical information databases (journal searching, including ACS, SciFinder, Science Direct, and Web of Science)
Chemical information reference books (including CRC handbook)

Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)
Students interested in medical, dental, or veterinary graduate programs click here.

Professional societies
Organizations including those listed below offer conferences, workshops, career development resources, and networking opportunities to a wide range of chemists and other scientists.