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Faculty-Led Travel Seminar Program Evaluation

Welcome back! We hope your travel seminar provided a meaningful and enjoyable experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation form. It will assist us in making improvements in the future. Thank you for your time!

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

(dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy)
Why did you choose to participate in this travel seminar? (Choose all that apply) :
To what extent were these objectives met? :
Would you recommend this program/experience to others? :
*How was the program offered... :
Did your on-campus work/orientation prepare you for your on-site program?:
Were you appropriately prepared for any cultural differences you encountered on-site:
*Were your housing and meal arrangements adequate given the local customs on-site? :
Did the itinerary allow for adequate interaction with the local culture?:
Was the faculty director(s) knowledgeable of the travel seminar topic?:
Was the faculty director(s) knowledgeable of the location and local culture?:
Was the faculty director(s) able to adequately respond to any concerns - personal and/or medical?:
Please include your name, phone, and email address if you are willing to be contacted by other students
*Would you be willing to discuss your experience with other students?: