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Skidmore Faculty-Led Travel Seminars

Each year, Skidmore sponsors a number of faculty-led travel seminars to locations around the world (see list below). Travel seminar courses must offer a carefully structured, focused, and challenging learning experience. These programs allow students to accompany one or two faculty members as they explore a focused topic that uses the destination as a classroom. To apply for any of these programs, please login to our online student portal


*Subject to change

Exploring Rome

Dates: May 21 - June 9, 2023 (inclusive of travel)

Professors: Daniel Curley (Classics) and Gregory Spinner (Religious Studies)

Rome is the Eternal City, an urban center three millennia in the making. As a religious, political, and cultural world capital, Rome has become one of the most imaged and imagined cities on earth, depicted in literature and art by citizens, expatriates, exiles, and tourists. Exploring Rome offers an immersive residential experience, where representations of the city meet the realities of urban space and urban planning. [READ MORE]

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

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