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Skidmore Faculty-Led Travel Seminars

Each year, Skidmore sponsors a number of faculty-led travel seminars to locations around the world (see list below). Travel seminar courses must offer a carefully structured, focused, and challenging learning experience. These programs allow students to accompany one or two faculty members as they explore a focused topic that uses the destination as a classroom. To apply for any of these programs, please login to our online student portal


*Subject to change

The Rise of China: Boundaries, Movement, and Change

Dates: TBD

Professor: Xiaoshuo Hou (Sociology and Asian Studies)

This seminar examines how different segments of the Chinese population navigate the old and the new, the global and the local, as China transitions from a socialist planned economy to a more market-oriented economy and plays a larger role in the global economy and politics. [READ MORE]

Finland: Social Work in a Global Context

Dates: TBD

Professor: Kelly Melekis (Sociology)

Social work is a global profession. Global interdependence, the transnational nature of issues such as poverty and violence, the movement of people across borders, advances in communications and information technology, and the development of the social work profession around the world, make a global perspective an essential part of social work education.  [READ MORE]

Expanded Notebook

Dates: May 24 - June 9, 2022 (travel dates included)

Professors: Lindsay Buchman and Sarah Sweeney (Arts)

Art in Rome and Venice is abundant and layered—material practices from different centuries, different countries, and other disciplines coexist in both space and time. Since the grand tours of the seventeenth and eighteenth-century, artists have traveled to Italy to learn firsthand from this rich artistic landscape. [READ MORE]

Shakespeare: Playwrights, Plays and New Development

Dates: TBD

Professor: John Michael DiResta (Theater)

Who are the major players in the 21st Century-US American Theater, and how have they responded to the major shifts in American culture at a dawn of the new millennium?  What is the relationship between these new voices and the traditional canon of western drama which rests upon the work of William Shakespeare? This course will study in depth The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) as a representative test case in pursuit of answers to these questions. [READ MORE]

Courage and the Tragic Sense: Human Dilemmas and the Quest for Meaning

Dates: June 25 - July 15, 2022

Professor: Sheldon Solomon (Psychology)

How do we know what we know? And how does the quest for knowledge help to inform how we are to live in the world, and to do so in a manner that is both moral… and meaningful?  This year the Oxford Experience continues to examine “big ideas” (“big questions”) central to the quest for meaning, and within the context of human mortality. [READ MORE]

Experiencing the Archaeology of the American Southwest

Dates: May 30 - June 8, 2022

Professor: Kathryn Baustian (Anthropology)

A domestic travel course exploring archaeology and environments of the American Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona).  Activities will include travel to cultural sites of prehistoric Native American groups including the Mimbres Mogollon, Hohokam, and Ancestral Puebloans and museums that exhibit cultural materials from ancient through modern times.  [READ MORE]