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Frequently Asked Questions

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What courses do I need to take while off-campus?

You should talk to your academic advisor regarding courses in your major or minor or courses toward all-college requirements that can or should be taken off campus. It is a good idea to sit down and plan out the semesters before and after your time off campus as well. This will help you see if or when you have room for flexibility when choosing a curriculum for your time off campus.

Can I take courses outside of my major?

Yes. Student can typically take courses in subject areas other than their major. Some programs abroad, however, may limit enrollment options in this regard—be sure to check your program's requirements prior to submitting an application. You should also inform yourself of what requirements you need to fulfill while off campus and be sure you understand how major, minor, or all-college requirements will affect your program and course choices.

Will I stay on track to graduate on-time?

With careful planning off campus study should help, not hinder, your progress toward graduation. In addition it offers important opportunities to enhance the academic work you are engaged in on campus.

Is the program I want to attend approved by my department?

You should review the Approved Programs List developed by your major or minor department to determine which off-campus programs are approved by that area. The programs included on the various departmental Approved Programs lists are those that fit academically with that major or minor. You should choose one of those programs if you need credit toward your major or minor. The Approved Programs list include both Skidmore and non-Skidmore programs abroad and in the U.S./Canada. Students should consult with their major or minor department and an advisor in Off-Campus Study & Exchanges on securing credit approval.


What is the difference between Skidmore Programs and International and Domestic Approved Programs?

Skidmore Programs and International Approved Programs are treated the same when it comes to billing, while the billing structure varies somewhat among the Domestic Programs. Please see the sections below on 'Grades and Credits' and 'Finances' for additional details regarding how the various programs are handled.

  • Skidmore Programs are study abroad programs that have been developed by the faculty and OCSE to directly support certain aspects of Skidmore's curriculum. These programs have Skidmore appointed on-site directors and staff that understand and support the needs of our students. Skidmore programs are administered through OCSE, which also has general oversight for these programs.
  • International Approved Programs are study abroad programs that have been reviewed and approved by Skidmore's academic departments, the OCSE and the Committee on Educational Policies and Planning (CEPP). They are high quality programs that offer academically rigorous programs and a strong on-site administrative structure, and are available in a wide variety of destinations around the world.
  • Domestic Approved Programs are partnerships that have been developed by OCSE with a variety of programs and college/universities in the United States to allow students to enhance their on-campus study with substantive off-campus experiences. Just as with our international off-campus study options, students participating on a domestic off-campus program will find that they are exposed to new cultures, new perspectives, and a new awareness of themselves.

What if I need credit toward my major or minor while I'm off campus?

If you want off campus credit to count toward your major/minor, you should choose programs from the Approved Programs list for your major/minor department. The Approved Programs list is available through Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (OCSE) and online here. You will work with your major or minor department on securing course credit approval for courses on all Approved Programs.

What if I don't need credit toward my major or minor?

If you don't need credit toward your major/minor, you are able to participate on any of the programs on the college-wide Master Approved Programs list. The Master List is available through OCSE and online here.

What if I can't find any Approved Programs that meet my academic needs?

If you cannot find an appropriate program in the existing program lists, you may petition to participate on a study abroad program that is not already approved by Skidmore. The petition must have an academic focus and have support of the students' major/minor department. Students wishing to petition for a non-Approved Program must consult with OCSE for details.


When can I study off campus?

Customarily, juniors apply to study off campus. Students at other stages in their Skidmore education must submit a letter of intent and a letter of recommendation from their academic advisor to study off campus.

What are the GPA requirements?

You need a GPA of 2.75 or better in order to study off campus. You must also be in good academic, social and financial standing with the College at the time of departure. You should check with your specific program regarding any additional requirements.

Do I need to declare my major before studying off-campus?

Yes. You must declare your major and, in fact, you must do so before applying to study off campus through OCSE. This rule applies to all students, including those who will study off-campus during their sophomore year.

Do I need to have completed any prerequisite courses?

You will need to check with your specific program of interest for prerequisites to specific programs and courses. Some programs have language requirements or ask that you complete certain culture- or discipline-based coursework before participating.

Do I need to submit supplemental or special materials with my application (i.e. art portfolio)?

Fine arts programs do tend to require that samples of a student's work, and possibly a discipline-related résumé, accompany the primary program application forms. In additional, programs offered in a language other than English may also require verification of a student's proficiency in the foreign language. Please check with your specific program of interest to determine what, if any, supplemental materials are required for your application.


Will I receive Skidmore or transfer credit from my off-campus program?

If you participate on a Skidmore Program (except for Skidmore in London), your credits will come back as Skidmore credits. If you participate on the Skidmore in London program, an International Approved Program, or a Domestic Approved Program your credits will come back as transfer credits. That means you must earn a "C" or better in order for the courses to count.

Will grades from off-campus be calculated into my Skidmore GPA?

If you participate on a Skidmore Program (except for Skidmore in London), your grades will be calculated into your GPA. If you participate on the Skidmore in London program, an International Approved Program, or a Domestic Approved Program your grades will NOT be calculated into your GPA.

What about maturity-level credits?

All courses at the 300 level will be applicable to the all-college requirement for maturity-level credits. Each department determines how many maturity-level credits may be brought in from off-campus study for the major or minor. Therefore, you must work with the appropriate Department Chair or Program Director before departure to determine which of the 300-level courses taken while off campus will fulfill departmental or other requirements.

What about my all-college requirements?

All-college requirements may be completed while studying off campus. You will need to seek pre-approval through the appropriate department or the Registrar's Office.


How will I be billed for off-campus study?

Students participating on Skidmore Programs and International or Domestic Approved Programs will be billed by Skidmore for the Skidmore comprehensive fee. The comprehensive fee includes the current rates for Skidmore tuition, room at the on campus apartment rate, and board (if applicable). In return, Skidmore will manage payment to the program provider, as the program provider will bill Skidmore/OCSE directly. Skidmore will pay the provider for tuition and mandatory academic fees, room, board (if applicable), and mandatory medical insurance. Students are responsible for any refundable deposits payable to the program provider, transportation costs to and from the program, passport and visa fees, and personal expenses. NOTE: Some programs do not include meals in their fees or they include partial meal plans. If this is the case, Skidmore will not bill you for board or will bill for partial board only, and you will be responsible for your meals.

How does my financial aid work?

You can use all financial aid for off-campus study for up to two semesters.

What will my financial aid package look like?

You may use all financial aid on all semester off-campus programs. If you receive aid, you should speak with a Financial Aid representative to review possible aid changes based on increased expenses.