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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

Transgender/Intersex Toolkit

An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. People under the transgender umbrella may describe themselves using one or more of a wide variety of terms, including transgender. Use the descriptive term preferred by the individual. Many transgender people are prescribed hormones by their doctors to change their bodies. Some undergo surgery as well. But not all transgender people can or will take those steps, and a transgender identity is not dependent upon medical procedures. GLAAD Media Reference Guide

Intersex people are born with "sex chromosomes," external genitalia or internal reproductive systems that are not considered "standard" for the socially constructed binary of male or female bodies. The existence of intersexuals shows that there are not just two sexes and that our ways of thinking about sex are socially constructed. Gender Equity Resource Center at Berkeley

We have put together a workbook that anyone can use to learn more about transgender/intersex resources. Whether you are trans/intersex or just someone looking for some answers, this toolkit is a valuable source to use by yourself, in the classroom, with your student organization or with anyone else who wants to learn more.

Want to "Pee in Peace?" Check out this resource guide for transgender activities and allies from the Transgender Law Center.

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