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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

Meet our staff

Latisha Barnett PhotoLatisha J. Barnett
Case Center 206

Latisha received her B.A. in sociology from the State University of New York College at Fredonia and her M.S. Ed. from the College of Saint Rose with a focus on college student services administration. She previously worked at the College of Saint Rose for 12 years, where she served as the assistant director of multicultural affairs for two years and then as the director of student life for 10 years. She also has experience teaching as an adjunct professor for the core course "Social and Cultural Foundations" in the College Student Services Administration master's program at Saint Rose. Latisha has also worked in nonprofit as a service coordinator advocating for the needs of individuals with disabilities.


CandaceCandace Hairston
Assistant Director
Case Center 207A

Candace Hairston earned a B.A. in communication from the State University of New York College at Geneseo and an M.Ed. from Loyola University Chicago. Candace became passionate about higher education and social justice while attending SUNY Geneseo. Candace is dedicated to building an inclusive and equitable Skidmore College. Prior to her appointment at Skidmore, Candace interned at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom for six months. In her free time, Candace loves to chat about all things Beyoncé, curl up with a good book and travel. Make sure you stop in and say hello!

Student Team Members

Christina Louis-Charles '18: Hi! I am Christina Louis-Charles, and I am a senior here at Skidmore. I am an education major with a concentration in psychology. My intended career/future goals are to be a speech pathologist and potentially own my clinic/center for speech pathology and radiology because I enjoy working with exceptional children. On campus, I am one of the captains of the UJIMA Step Team (along with Etije). In my spare time, I love to watch Netflix in bed, coloring in my coloring book, crocheting and listening to all genres of music.

Maryam DeWitt '18: Maryam DeWitt is a native Daytonian who is in her senior year of college. At Skidmore she studies individuals and their behaviors through the Department of Social Work. She is also the former president of the African-American, Caribbean, and African awareness club, UJIMA, on campus. Some of her past affiliations on campus includ MDOCS, Opportunity Program Goal Program and a host of other organizations. While her passion resides with creating documentaries, she has found time to step away from the editing software and work within the office to create a more diverse and inclusive campus. After graduation, Maryam will work as a corps member for Teach for America and hopes to continue her studies in social work as an advanced standing student. Her dream career is to work closely with Ava Duvernay and create stories that highlight and uplift black culture.

Miracle Faith Freckleton '20: My name is Miracle Faith Freckleton, and I am a second-year here at Skidmore. I have not officially declared my major or minor, but I am an anticipated sociology major with an IGR and gender studies double minor. My life's work is to strive to make the world a better place for the people who hold my identities and if in the process I can be an ally to communities whose identities I do not hold (if they should have me) that too will be amazing. I love knitting scarves, reading and watching series on Netflix (even though they took off the Bernie Mac Show and A Different World).

Ashley Polanco '18: Hi, my name is Ashley Polanco! I am a sociology major and a potential IGR and Latin American studies minor. I was born and raised in Harlem, NYC. I am a proud Latina and activist who values storytelling. I am passionate about issues concerning education, self-image and how they each intersect with race, class and gender. In my free time, you can probably find me watching videos on spoken-word poetry or surfing the Internet!

Alyssa Rae Morales '18: My name is Alyssa Rae Morales, and I am a senior. I am a Boricua from the Bronx! I am a political science major and math minor. My goal is to become an immigration and criminal public defender. I can’t wait to end mass incarceration of people of color :) I love to listen to Reggaeton, Latin Trap and Soca. In my spare time, I love hanging out with my family and friends, watching Youtube vlogs, and challenging white supremacy.

DyAnna Washington '18: I am DyAnna Katherine Washington, or Dy, or D. I am a senior sociology major with a minor in IGR. I have a passion for learning, education and college life. My career goals include invigorating the field of higher education as a student affairs scholar-practitioner who stands to serve and inspire marginalized students at colleges and universities so they can reach their full potential. Eventually, I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in sociology and to teach until I become to sociology what Toni Morrison is to literature. In my spare time, I enjoy challenging white supremacy and heteropatriarchal hegemonies, dancing, reading and reflecting, listening to music and talking about Janet Jackson.