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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

Resource Guide

Resource Guide

This resource has been developed to assist you in identifying and locating some of the many diversity businesses in and around Saratoga and the Capital Region. This resource is just a quick look at what our region has to offer to individuals with various tastes and cultural backgrounds.

We hope to provide everyone in our college community the opportunity to see why we believe that Skidmore College and this region is a wonderful place to spend your student years and is a great place to work and live.

While we have made an effort to identify as many of these businesses and resources, we know we have not captured them all and that they will change over time. Therefore, if you know of any culturally diverse business which are not identified in this resource please feel free to contact us and we will consider including your suggestion in our next update. Please contact Human Resources at 518-580-5800 with any ideas or suggestions you might have to add to this list.

Resource Guide for Students, Staff, and Faculty


OSDP also Recommends the "Getting By Without Getting Broke" Resource Guide, compiled by the group, Class Action for Skidmore Students.