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Skidmore College
Office of Student Diversity Programs

Respect Matters

Give More/Respect More

So what does it mean?

The logo above is a result of the Respect Matters! Campaign, a grassroots student movement founded in the spring semester of 2007 by Aviva Ariel ’10, Cassie Arnold ’10, Christopher Curmi ’10, Jacob Deblois ’10, Kathryn Fishman ’10, Amanda Holland ’10, Amber Kinsey ’10, Lily Robinson ’10 and Darnell Sessoms ’10.

Our mission is to look toward Skidmore College’s future by addressing our commitment to diversity today. As a community of students, faculty and staff, we must actively acknowledge and rise above bias to celebrate uniqueness. Our community is enhanced by its diversity, and our accomplishments as individuals and as a campus can be best realized if we commit to creating an environment that appreciates and celebrates our similarities as well as our differences. We believe that hate crimes, harassment, bias incidents and discrimination are unacceptable and that they harm us all. We also believe that apathy is as dangerous as hate; therefore it is necessary to defend and support each other in order to achieve a truly inclusive community. Thus the first step to advocating tolerance is maintaining a safe and respectful environment and fostering a community that encourages diversity and respect. The responsibility lies with each individual—students, faculty and staff—within the Skidmore community to develop open communication. The Respect Matters Campaign is dedicated to establishing a safe learning environment and promoting social awareness until tolerance prevails.

A special thanks to the Intercultural and Global Understanding Task Force for funding the campaignand for support from the First Year Experience, Student Diversity Programs, Student Government Association andOpportunity Programs.

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