Skidmore prof throws first pitch

Skidmore prof throws first pitch

November 23, 2016

joowo park

Korean native Joowon Park was finishing his Ph.D. at American University when he was hired as an assistant professor of anthropology at Skidmore. But a month before he was scheduled to begin, he was called into the South Korean army. Putting his Skidmore job on hold, Park has been serving his country and was recently selected as a military representative by the Korean Baseball Organization to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in Game 1 of the Korean World Series. [view video below, or here]

"What an honor!" he says, adding, "My presence in the Korean news media lately is bringing attention to Skidmore College in South Korea."

With a few months remaining in his military service, Park is expected to join the Skidmore community in the summer of 2017.

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