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What’s your dream?

Working artist Memoirist and motivational speaker Professional diver Solve world hunger Singer in a rock band Cooking show host Puppeteer Share your dream with us! the Dream Share Project, a documentary film & workshop Tuesday November 11, 7:00 pm, the Spa ~ Fun ~ Inspirational ~ Motivating ~ Popcorn & Candy, first 20 students get […]

Dream Share Project, where do you want to be?

Dream Share Project Documentary Film & Workshop Tuesday, November 11, 7:00 PM, the Spa

Opportunity of the Day! Teach with a PAL!

The Paraclete Academy in Boston, MA seeks mission-driven teachers who want to work for social justice through education. Working with our 60 students, from 13 different countries who speak 10 different languages, is the basis of a profound term of service. Paraclete students are low-income (about 60% live below the poverty line) and fiercely dedicated […]

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JuVan Langford '10

JuVan Langford '10
"My life story is the story of relationships," says JuVan Langford '10. "It's the story of relationships and angels." More

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