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Vault?s influential company rankings, ratings and reviews are sourced and verified through ongoing directed surveys of active employees and enrolled students. Vault also welcomes current and previous employees and students who were unable to participate in the surveys, to submit reviews on their experiences, salaries, interviews and more.

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Career Coach Perspectives: The Elevator Pitch

So, if I was a recruiter and asked you to tell me about yourself, what would you say? Take a second…it’s difficult right? You’re trying to sell yourself, but how do you sum about two decades of experiences that have made you complex, qualified, and an attractive candidate? Did you talk about your hometown, or […]

Internship Expo 2015: What I Did Last Summer

Learn everything you need to know about internships! Tonight Monday February 23, Murray-Aikins Dining Hall, Second Floor 5:00 to 7:00 PM You will get a chance to hear from Juniors & Seniors about their internships last summer, how they applied, & what they learned from their experiences. Have your resume reviewed Learn how to use […]

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David Schlenker ’13

David David
Living in New Delhi for a summer and teaching English and photography to children in the city's slums, David Schlenker says, "I learned to connect my academics at Skidmore to life outside Saratoga Springs." More

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