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"Ketch-up" hackers win second prize

"Lack of sleep was the biggest villan, says junior Dipesh KC, but his team of classmates pushed on, taking second place at a recent hackathon. More.

NSF supports plant-cell research

Just as mammals evolved from fishy ancestors, land plants evolved from aquatic algae. How did plant cells manage the wet-to-dry transition? An NSF grant is helping a Skidmore scientist answer that question. More.

A skech of Skidomedy

Since 2006, members of Skidomedy have spread laughs on and beyond the campus. More.

Build creative confidence at "Design Thinking" workshop

A free weekend workshop will foster creativity, networking, and entrepreneurial spirit. More.

"Specimen" now open at the Schick Art Gallery

"Specimen," a new exhibition, features work by four female photographers known for deep investigation of their subject matter. More.

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Creative Thought Works

Nick Merrill ’05

Nick Nick
Nick Merrill '05 travelled with Hillary Clinton at the Department of State, served as her press secretary when she departed, and continues to wield significant influence on the former Secretary's communications strategy in her current presidential bid. More

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Economist Joerg Bibow writes about the Greek debt crisis
"The Euro was not meant to be a prison," says Professor Bibow in this essay for "The Conversation." More.

Professor Jim Kennelly advocates for the arts
Writing in the "Irish Examiner," Kennelly reminds readers of the importance of Ireland's cultural assets. More.

Dan Nathan talks to CNN about Baltimore, after the riot
American Studies Professor Dan Nathan, a longtime Baltimore Orioles fan, reflects on the healing properties of sport and a wounded city in this CNN story. More.

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Faculty-Staff Achievements, Oct. 5, 2015

Boyers publishes 10th book, Lilly presents at symposium in Italy, Biberman-Ocakli shares research with scholars in India. More