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Skidmore College
Arts Administration


The minor in arts administration combines artistic sensibilities with business acumen and requires the successful completion of the following three components: Core Courses, Knowledge of the Artistic Process, and Structured Field Experience. At least one course must be completed at the 300 level.

Core Courses (minimum 15-16 credits)

Knowledge of the Artistic Process
Inherent in the name of the field itself, arts administration requires an explicit and supplemental knowledge of the artistic process. Students may fulfill this requirement by either 1) declaring a companion major or minor in art, art history, dance, music or theater, or 2) completing three additional courses beyond the requirements above that will provide depth of knowledge of the artistic process. In order to satisfy the requirement, supplemental courses must be approved in advance of registration by the Director of Arts Administration and, if necessary, the arts administration advisory group. In some cases, cocurricular experience may substitute for one of these three courses.

Structured Field Experience (minimum 3 credits)
Determined in concert with the Director of Arts Administration, the structured field experience will afford the student the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to practice in a professional setting or explore a particular topic of great interest to the student through an in-depth independent study.

Total Number of Courses in Minor: 6
Total Number of Credits in Minor: 18-19 (minimum)

Multiple Counting of Courses
Standard college rules apply for the multiple counting of courses as stated in the effective Catalog. Specifically, there can be no more than a two-course overlap in total for a major/minor program or for two minor fields. The student is responsible for being familiar with and following the appropriate guidelines.

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