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Skidmore College
Arts Administration

Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative

The Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative at Skidmore College aims to provide studio art students with the business skills needed to build a successful career around their passion for art making. This is accomplished through course curriculum, workshops, and experiences in the field. Connecting students with entrepreneurial arts alumni, as well as arts and business professionals in the community, is an integral component of the program. The initiative is a part of Skidmore's Arts Administration Program and was created and developed by Molly Haley '64. The program is supported by Molly and her husband, Ed Freitag.


AA 315 Marketplace for Artists (spring), 1 credit

An introduction to the strategies and skills visual art students need to take their art and hand-made products from studio to the creative marketplace. Students will explore topics such as photographing product, pricing, promoting, and selling. This course is part of the Entrepreneurial Artist Initiative. Fulfills 1 credit of the Focused Elective requirement of the Arts Administration minor.

AA 318 The Entrepreneurial Artist (fall), 3 credits

An introduction of the basic principles needed for visual artists to combine their creative abilities with strong business practices. Through active participation and an interactive classroom format, students will merge practical business knowledge with insight from local experts in the field to fuel students’ entrepreneurial spirit. Students will explore topics including business planning, legal requirements, budgeting, marketing, branding, and networking. Prerequisites: AA 315 or declared major/minor in studio art or declared minor in arts administration. Fulfills the Focused Elective requirement of the Arts Administration minor.


Entrepreneurial Artist Workshop (fall)

This two-hour, on-campus workshop introduces students to professional artists who are making a living out of their passion for art-making.

Networking Event in NYC

January networking opportunity for working alumni-artists, arts professionals, and current students in NYC.

Haley Entrepreneurial Artist Apprenticeship Award

This $4,000 award is designed to support a student in a summer-intensive experience with a working artist, gallery, or other entrepreneurial learning opportunity designed to connect one’s passion for art making with practical, basic business experience in order to provide the skills needed to live as a working artist. Applications are available during the spring semester.