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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC- MINUTES -- APRIL 10, 1998


Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Bob DeSieno, Steve Hoffman, Allison Kupfer, Emily Levy, Margo Mensing, Jon Ramsey, Anita Steigerwald


Micah Alpern

The meeting began at 12:20pm - PCR

  1. Approval of minutes for April 3, 1998.

  2. Michael announces that there are discussions about permanent space for the Honors Forum in the future.

  3. Discussion on Cocurricular Program

- The Cocurricular Subcommitee presented the latest draft for the cocurricuar program which was revised with more careful description based on previous meetings relative to the requirement issue.

  • The floor was open for questions and suggestions:

  • Self reporting issue

  • Assume the Honor Code prevail

  • Concerns about question from students

  • Orientation

  • Jon suggested an additional sentence in the second paragraph of the draft: " To maintain membership, Forum students must make significant investment each year in the cocurricular program".

  • Also in the 2nd paragraph of the draft - Steve suggested two questions to be included on the list of questionnaire to be completed by Forum members at the end of each semester.

    1. Which of he activities that you attended led to conversations with your fellow students about important issues and points that had been raised?

    2. In your view, what are the best ways to use public lectures and other events to sustain an atmosphere in which serious student's discussion takes place outside of class?

- Section V of the draft - Connection to Other Campus Groups - The Council agrees not to list Academic Clubs/Organization.

Anita requested that other minor suggestions be forwarded to her and major suggestions directed to the HFC-list.

Other issues:


Michael presented a summary of members that were enrolled in Honors Courses.

AH101 2

CH107 0

GE113 3

ID201 10

MA111 3

SO101 7

Fl263A/HF200 2

EC104/HF100 0

EN211/HF200 0

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.