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Honors Forum

Courses, Add-Ons, And Independent Studies

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Honors classes, Add-ons, and Independent Studies of 1-4 credits are open to the entire Skidmore Community. Beginning 2012, we are no longer granting Honors Forum credit for study abroad portfolios. Courses developed specifically for the Honors Forum expect a high degree of involvement from participants and present more sophisticated materials and assignments to provide a challenging academic experience. Opportunities also exist for Forum students to create a 1-credit Add-on to enhance any existing course, do collaborative research with faculty, undertake independent and interdisciplinary study at an earlier than usual point in their academic career, and to share their research and creative accomplishments with the wider Skidmore College community. Students wishing to pursue Independent Studies must submit a proposal to the HF Director by the first days of each term.

Honors classes and Classes with designated Honors Add-ons are offered across the Skidmore curriculum.  For a list of Honors Forum classes, check out the course list below and the Master Schedule to see which courses are offered in a given semester.

100-Level Honors Courses and Add-ons

Tillman Nechtman


David Vella or Daniel Hurwitz

Janet Sorenson

Monica Raveret Richtor

The English Department

David Vella or Daniel Hurwitz

  • “Intensive General Chemistry,” CH 107H

Kimberley Frederick

Lynda Vargha

Michael Ennis-McMillan

Reginald Lily

Martha Wiseman

Linda Hall

200-Level Honors Courses and Add-ons

Susan Walzer

Erica Bastress-Dukehart

Mary Crone Odekon

Andrew Skinner

Joel Smith

David Vella or Daniel Hurwitz

Steven Frey

  • “Introduction to Medieval Literature,” EN 229H

Kate Greenspan

Gregory Pfitzer

J. McDonald

Beau Breslin and David Karp


John Brueggemann

  • “Stories of English,” EN 229H

Kate Greenspan

Roy Rotheim

Jennifer Delton

Katie Hauser

Mimi Hellman

Catherine Golden

300-Level Honors Courses and Add-ons

Kate Greenspan

Pushkala Prasad


Mimi Hellman

  • “Honors Problem Solving,” MA 325H

David Vella

Penny Jolly

Aditi Chandra

  • “Jane Austen in Bath,” HF 300, TX 300A (Travel Seminar)

Catherine Golden

Gordon Thompson

Catherine Golden

Amy Frappier“

Phil Boshoff or Martha Wiseman


  • “Senior Research Project II,” PS 376H

The Psychology Department

  • “Social Psychology Research,” PS 320H

Holly Hodgins


EW = Expository Writing

L = Leadership

CD = Cultural Diversity

Course Add-ons (1 credit)

One credit hour Add-ons are a great way to add intellectual challenge to a pre-existing course. Some courses have HF add-ons listed on the Registrar’s Master Schedule under “Honors Forum,” which students can choose to take in addition to the “parent” course. All students who wish to take a designated HF Add-on must enroll in the "parent" course. If there is no scheduled Add-on for a course you would like to take for Honors Forum credit, you can work with the professor to propose an independent study or a group independent study. These are usually extended studies of material covered in the course that the student(s) and professor would like to study in more detail. Proposing an Add-on is the same as proposing an independent study. You and your professor will need to submit the independent study proposal form, available on the Honors Forum website, to the Honors Forum Director for approval. Click the link for model courses and Add-ons (click here)

Independent Study

When it comes to Honors Forum independent studies, you have two options: HF271/272 (Fall/Spring) for first years and sophomores or HF371/372 (Fall/Spring) for juniors and seniors. Honors independent studies may be for 1-4 credit hours and be repeated with a different topic for credit; however, currently only a total of 3 credits will be counted toward the HF 3 course/ 7 credits.

The Process:

1. Find a faculty sponsor who will oversee your study.

2. Write a proposal with your sponsor, detailing what you will be doing during the semester in your independent study. Make sure to explain the work you will produce (e.g. paper, presentation, exhibition, research) and how this HF independent study will add to your intellectual development. Take time to compose a clear, specific, and well-written proposal.

3. Submit this proposal to the Honors Council via HF Director, for approval. The Director may request revisions before approving your course; not all proposals are deemed Honors-worthy.