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Prof. Sandy Baum, Economics Microeconomics
Prof. Kate Berheide, Sociology LSI Peer Tutoring
Prof. Barbara Black, English Expository Writing: America, in Extreme
Prof. Isabella Brown, Dance Intro to Dance Literature and Repertory
Prof. Kathy Cartwright, Geosciences Dangerous Earth
Prof. Mary Correa, Management and Business Foundations of Organizational Behavior
Prof. Mary Crone, Physics Galaxies and Cosmology
Prof. Jennifer Delton, History American History to Civil War
Prof. Joanne Devine, English LS: Literacy and Social Power
Prof. Michael Ennis-McMillan, Anthropology Intro. To Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Lynne Gelber, Foreign Languages and Literature 20th Century French Literature
Prof. Frank Gonzalez, Philosophy Introduction to Philosophy
Prof. Matthew Hockenos, History LS: Genocide and Justice
Prof. Ruth Andea Levinson, Education Child Development and Learning
William Lewis, Philosophy Senior Honors Symposium
Prof. Richard Lindemann, Geosciences Dangerous Earth
Prof. Michael Marx, English LSI Peer Tutoring
Prof. Margo Mensing, Art Fiber Arts
Prof. Rajesh Nagarajan, Chemistry Intensive Chemistry
Prof. Vasantha Narasimhan, Chemistry Intensive Chemistry
Prof. Amelia Rauser, Art History Survey of Western Art
Prof. Linda Simon, English Expository Writing: Utopian Vision Fiction
Prof. Jill Sweet, Anthropology North American Indians
Jon Ramsey, Dean of Studies and Associate Dean of Student Affairs Senior Honors Symposium