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Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Katie Cella, Fran Hoffmann, Chris McGrath, Rory McVeigh, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald.

The meeting began at 9:00 am, Faculty/Staff Club.

The Minutes for the previous meeting were approved by the Council.

1. Budget Policy:

Discussion on revised budget policy draft.

Notes  - difference between honors and non-honors event

       - field trips

  - money for course verses co-curricular

  - faculty - course specific proposal

  - deadlines for support (2/1,9/1)

Michael proposed to have a end-of-year budget discussion with a sub-committee (Phil, Amelia and Anita) after May 17. (Date TBA)

2. Logo:

The Council finally decided on a logo for the Honors Forum (wording with the Skidmore seal).  Michael will forward our request to College Relations for production.

3. Newsletter:

The first newsletter should be ready in about one week; Jon and Phil plan to release a second before the end of the semester.

4. Admissions:

Invitations were sent to 274 accepted candidates offering admissions to the Honors Forum

Late April Meetings:

Michael to plan a meeting with Kent Jones and Mary Lou Bates re: Admissions policy/Porter Scholarship, etc.

Michael invited members of the Council to attend a meeting with Gerry Erchak, Sue Bender, Ann Henderson and Gordon to discuss some of the problems the HF had with Curriculum Committee in the past, 4 credit courses and reconfiguration. [Jon will join this meeting.]

5. May Workshop - May 17- The Surrey:

   What will be the agenda for this Workshop?

   - Faculty assessment (pedagogical strategies)

   - Budget proposal $100-$200 per person

   - (volunteers for planning (Michael, Phil, Rory, Fran, Amelia &


6. Academic Festival:

Chris reported that they now have 29 proposals (50 students participating). The Committee accepted all the proposals. Proposals were from Social Science, Science, Humanities, and the Arts.

7. Residence Hall lecture series and current HF lecture series:

Michael had a discussion with Don Hastings, who suggested that the Lecture series is not succeeding as well as he would liked and was looking for input for new directions.

Some suggestions from Amelia Rauser and the HF student Executive Committee: - HF lecture series sponsored by different clubs each week with the Honors Forum doing the kick-off or closing, or sponsor lecture series for Spring only.

8.  Executive Committee:

- Structure for the future

- Katie Cella will continue for a year

- HFC will continue with Periclean - Pres. or Vice Pres.

- Periclean and HF students relationship. (Jon, Phil, Katie, Anita, Chris and Tina to discuss.

9.  Upcoming events:

4/7 on Kosovo

4/14 with Ellen levy

4/15 ACD & "Skin of Our Teeth"

5/16, 4/19 ACD

4/23 ACD Seminar with A. Rauser & Class

4/28-29 Academic Festival

4/29 Honors Convocation

5/5  Saratoga Battlefield picnic with Mary Lynn et al.

5/17 Workshop.

The Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am, next meeting April 19, 1999.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amelia Clarke