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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC MINUTES  -- APRIL 12, 1999


Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Katie Cella, Fran Hoffmann, Emily Levy, Chris McGrath, Rory McVeigh, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald


Tina Levith (on behalf of Periclean Honors Society)

The meeting began at 9:00 am, Faculty/Staff Club.

The Council held a special meeting devoted to two pressing topics: the relationship between the Periclean Honors Society and the Honors Forum, and the plans for a May workshop for faculty teaching in the Forum. Divided into two planning sessions (Boshoff, Cella, McGrath, McVeigh, Ramsey, Levith on Periclean; Arnush, Hoffmann, Levy, Rauser, Steigerwald on the workshop), the Council worked on both projects for the hour and concluded with a brief meeting of the whole. Reports on both projects will follow.

No minutes were taken.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Arnush, Chair