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Skidmore College
Honors Forum


The Honors Forum Council was constituted at the end of October 1997 and charged by CEPP with the responsibility to create and coordinate the Honors Forum. The delay in constituting the Council resulted in a game of catch-up throughout the academic year as the Council endeavored to craft and implement the outlines of the program as mandated by CEPP. The steps taken by the Council are enumerated below:

  1. Drafted, approved, circulated and explained the operating policies and procedures of the Honors Forum ( (December)

  2. Solicited course proposals for F98 ( (January)

  3. Selected nine courses for F98 ( (January)

  4. Proposed to and received approval from Curriculum Committee for nine courses, including a new configuration of one-credit add-ons to existing courses (January)

  5. Established criteria and protocols for selecting student members of the Forum (February)

  6. Solicited nominations and recommendations of students for membership in the Forum ( (March)

  7. Selected 31 students as founding members of the Forum ( (April)

  8. Crafted a co-curricular plan ( (April)

  9. Hosted a reception for the 31 members of the Forum (April)

  10. Produced a brochure in conjunction with College Relations (April-May)

  11. Hosted a workshop on course planning and design for 20 faculty (May)

  12. Selected 40 students from the incoming class of 2002 for membership in the Forum, expecting a yield of 30-35 students (May).

Throughout the course of the year the Honors Forum Council consulted with the following committees and individuals: CEPP, Academic Staff, Admissions Committee, CEPP Subcommittee on Standards and Expectations, College Relations, Dean of the Faculty, Dean and Director of Admissions, Dean of Studies, Registrar, Board of Trustees' Long-Range Planning Committee, Alumni Leadership Council.

All Forum materials, including all minutes of the Council meetings, are accessible via the Forum's new webpages (

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Arnush
Director, Honors Forum
May 20, 1998

Members of the Honors Forum Council, 1997/8
Micah Alpern, '98, Periclean Honor Society, President
Michael Arnush, Classics (chair, four-year appointment)
Phil Boshoff, English (three-year appointment)
Steve Hoffman, Government (two-year appointment)
Allison Kupfer, '00
Emily Levy, '99
Margo Mensing, Studio Art (one-year appointment)
Tad Kuroda, Associate Dean of the Faculty (Fall '97)
Robert DeSieno, Associate Dean of the Faculty (Spring '98)
Jon Ramsey, Dean of Studies
Anita Steigerwald, Dean of First-Year Students