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Skidmore College
Honors Forum



Research Methods in Chemistry

Prof. Kimberly Frederick

An opportunity for students to engage in chemical research in collaboration with a faculty member. Emphasis is on the development of analytical and technical expertise in chemical research. Students meet weekly for one hour of discussion and work independently with their individual faculty mentors in pursuit of their research. Each student gives a formal presentation of their results. 



Inorganic Compouds and Materials

Prof. Steven Frey

Intermediate-level, topic-based, honors courses that offer highly motivated students the opportunity to refine their critical thinking and quantitative problem-solving skills while examining an area of special interest in the field of chemistry. Specific topics may vary from year to year. The topic offered during a given semester is listed in master schedule. Descriptions of the various topics can be found on the Chemistry Department’s Web site.  Prerequisites CH 107H or permission of the department.  Three hours of lecture-discussion and one three-hour lab per week.