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Independent Studies

Registrar's application for independent study (under "Printable Forms")

There are two options available for those students wishing to undertake an independent study. The first, HF271/272, is designed for first-year and sophomore students whereas HF 371/372 is designed for juniors and seniors. Each course is an independent research or project opportunity for a well-qualified student working at honors level. In consultation with a sponsoring faculty member, the student proposes to the Honors Council a project that builds upon the student's academic background and interests and concludes in an honors paper or project to be shared with the wider student community. The Honors Independent Study may not be substituted for available honors courses.

The project proposal must describe the project coherently and in detail, especially indicating the ways in which the undertaking exercises sophisticated abilities and methodologies; it must also make clear why the available honors courses are not suitable for the student proposing the independent study.

For more detailed information, click on HF 271/272 or HF 371/372.