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Religious and Spiritual Life

Welcome to the Spirit in Nature Homepage

The sanctuary was created by Biology Professor, Sue Van Hook and the Religious and Spiritual Life office. This quarter-mile walking path is intended to be a meditation sanctuary on campus. Along the  path, you will see special markers with quotations  on nature and religion.

The path begins directly behind Wilson Chapel in the North Woods. A  printable map of the path is available. With Jonsson Tower always in view, it's an easy path to follow.

This is an especially beautiful time of year as the  foliage  has changed from Fall to Winter and the sounds of  chirping birds and peepers, has changed to sounds  of winter, the silence of snow, creaking tree limbs.  The beauty of nature paths, is that they're ever changing. One season gently  fades as another bursts into  life.

The  Spirit in Nature Sanctuary, is a shared resource  within  the North Woods set aside as a walking path only.  Please use the North Woods for walking pets and other  recreational activities and refrain from smoking and littering. If you plan to visit with a group, please contact Sue Van Hook.  Enjoy the peace and solitude of the path and, as  with  any nature trail, please leave only footprints.