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Skidmore College
Faculty Development Committee

Site Evaluation Opportunities

The Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges offers faculty the opportunity to evaluate Skidmore and non-Skidmore off-campus programs that are approved by the faculty’s department. OCSE may also be able to provide some funding for faculty who will be traveling abroad for other purposes (conference attendance, etc.) and who will be willing and able to visit a local program while they are already abroad. Program reviews make up part of a comprehensive off-campus program evaluation plan, the goals of which include reviewing academic quality of Skidmore’s portfolio of programs. OCSE will announce site evaluation needs as they become available.  Academic departments and programs may also suggest sites that merit evaluation based on student feedback or the need to address an academic concern. The Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Programs (ACOP), a CEPP subcommittee, reviews all nominations and makes final decisions regarding annual evaluation participation.  Chairs and program directors should contact the director of OCSE for more information.