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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Request for Travel to Read/Represent Funds


Make sure you read the description of the Travel to Read and the Travel to Represent Programs and Skidmore's Travel and Entertainment Policy before submitting your proposal.

Faculty Status:
Full or part time:

Faculty members are responsible for completing and submitting an Expense Report Form, accompanied by receipts for meals, lodgings, transportation and other applicable expenses, in order to account for monies received in advance or to be reimbursed.

PLEASE NOTE: Original, itemized receipts for all items $10 or over must be attached to expense reports. Your credit card bill and the receipt showing the total amount paid for restaurant charges are not considered adequate proof of purchase.They should include the costs of airline or train tickets, even if they had been ordered in advance, and submit the original copy of the receipt for such tickets.

They should complete the expense report within 30 days of the trip.