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Skidmore College
Faculty Development Committee

Phyllis A. Roth Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Closing date: Friday, September 20, 2019

The Phyllis A. Roth Faculty Distinguished Service Award recognizes a faculty member at Skidmore College for special achievement in service and leadership. The FDC welcomes nominations from faculty colleagues and staff members; each nominator will speak to the nominee’s record of continuing exceptional service to Skidmore. Excellence in service can include leadership of a department or program, service on committees and task forces, initiatives associated with institutional strategic plans, and initiatives that serve the institution across departments and programs. Although service to the Skidmore community is the primary criterion, service to communities more variously or broadly conceived may be considered. Candidates for this award will have served at the college for a number of years and have compiled a sterling record of contributions to our community.  Though recipients of this award should be selected primarily on the basis of individual merits, consideration may also be given to "fair distribution" issues. These include the desire for diversity of discipline, gender and ethnic background.

  • 2010 recipient: Phyllis A. Roth
  • 2011 recipient: Terence Diggory
  • 2012 recipient: Michael Arnush
  • 2013 recipient: Mary Lynn
  • 2014 recipient: Mark Huibregtse
  • 2015 recipient: Jeff Segrave
  • 2016 recipient: Mehmet Odekon
  • 2017 recipient: Karen Kellogg
  • 2018 recipient: Sarah Goodwin
  • 2019 recipient: Penny Jolly

To facilitate the nomination process, a nomination form is available online.