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Skidmore College
Sabbatical Leaves of Absence

Full-Year Sabbatical Enhancement Award

The Faculty Development Committee will offer a limited number of awards to support full-year sabbatical/pre-tenure leaves at 60% of salary. Full-Year Sabbatical Enhancement Awards provide compensation beyond the Sabbatical Stipend provided by the Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs office for all sabbaticals. Faculty applying for a full-year sabbatical are eligible for both. Full-Year Sabbatical Enhancement Awards are highly competitive; therefore, faculty should clearly outline the projected scope of work to be accomplished during the sabbatical year.
Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Faculty who apply for a full-year sabbatical/pre-tenure research leave are eligible to apply for a Sabbatical Enhancement Award. Faculty applying for a one-semester, sabbatical/pre-tenure research leave are ineligible.
  2. To be considered for a Sabbatical Enhancement Award, indicate your intention in the space provided on the DOF/VPAA on-line sabbatical/pre-tenure research leave application. Then submit an additional proposal outlining in detail the plan for a full-year sabbatical/pre-tenure research leave. Due to the highly competitive nature of this award, proposals should clearly describe the substance, scope, budget and anticipated outcome of the sabbatical project, including why a full-year leave award is critical to the program of scholarship and research. In addition to an itemized budget projection, faculty should also indicate the amount and source(s) of other potential funding and support for the sabbatical and the project.
  3. Application must include a current CV. Additional documentation supporting or helping to explain the proposed project may also be submitted.
  4. Proposals will be assessed on their overall merit and quality, including the relative contribution a project may make to its respective field and to the mission of the college.
  5. Applications from faculty who have not filed completed reports for previous grants or sabbaticals awarded by the Faculty Development committee will not be considered.
Applications must be delivered to the Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs by the application deadline. Proposals, CV and supporting documents may be delivered in hard copy to the Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs' office or may be submitted via email attachment to