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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student research group

Senior Thesis Research

Spring 2015

Differences in the thermic effect of a meal due to degree of food processing
Presenters: Brittney Dioneda, Margaret Healy, Maia Paul & Caitlin Sheridan
Advisor: Professor Paul Arciero

Exercise Performance during a 5km Time-trial in Healthy College-aged Males: The Role of Redox Balance
Presenters: Kavey Vidal and Nathaniel Robinson
Advisor: Professor Stephen Ives

Hand Hygiene: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Among Skidmore College Students
Presenter: Musa Bernard Komeh, Saada Legesse, and Sasha Letovsky
Advisor: Jennifer McDonald

The Ability of the Salivary Osmolality to Accurately Assess Dehydration Status
Presenter: Nick Sauerbrunn, Mabel Fung, Evelyn Fahey, Jo Sulistio
Advisors: Dr. Patricia C. Fehling and Jacob DeBlois, M.S.

The Effects of Chest Wall Loading on Fatigue, Exercise Performance, Respiratory Function, and Muscle Perfusion
Presenters: Anders Gundersen, Sarina Verma, Ethan Pelletier, Brock Bakewell
Advisor: Professor Stephen Ives

The Mechanoreflex Response to Dynamic and Passive Limb Movement
Presenters: Allison Keller and Lucas Zornoza
Advisor: Professor Stephen Ives