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Skidmore College
First Responder Health and Safety Laboratory
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Our Mission:

To enhance the health, safety and performance of first responders by conducting scientific research to elucidate the dangers of this important occupation, and develop and test interventions to mitigate those dangers.

Focus Areas

Sudden cardiac events in firefighters

Physiological responses to heat stress and dehydration

Characterization of physiological response to specific operations 

Personal protective equipment

Physiological status monitoring

Rehabilitation strategies

Cardiovascular responses to firefighting

Role of physical fitness in mitigating stress


  1. Promote the health, safety and optimal performance of first responders.
  1. Conduct scientific research that documents the magnitude of physiological strain associated with performing required job tasks.
  1. Develop strategies to mitigate physiological strain and increase performance of first responders and test the effectiveness of those strategies.
  1. Communicate with first responders and governing bodies regarding strategies to improve health and safety and enhance performance.